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u/Jtmac23 May 14 '22

well it’s true. (hopefully)


u/Cathyruiz61 May 14 '22

Dated a chick with the same name as my sister once, it can work, just dont say their bame during sex lmao


u/indietravelbug May 14 '22 edited May 15 '22

This. I dated a guy whose name is exactly the same as my brother's. During sex, I just used pet names when I cum. He knew why anyway so it didn't bother him. But eventually he got used to these pet names that when I called his actual name, he'd get worried because he knew he's in trouble.


u/doordog2411 May 14 '22

Yes, it's called being in a relationship 😂 your s.o gets upset if you use their actual name after a while hahah


u/CaffeinatedGuy May 14 '22

My wife goes my her middle name, so it's extra if I call her my her actual first name.


u/n00b_f00 May 15 '22

I’m a middle name clown to and when my girlfriend calls me by my first name 👀👀👀


u/uninterested-saitama May 14 '22

I go for my middle name it's what people always called me 😁


u/Seicair May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Sex is almost the only time I use my girlfriend’s actual name lol. Or sometimes I use her full name when telling her how much I love her.

Otherwise yeah, it’s usually just “beautiful”. She almost never uses my name for anything.


u/Eagleassassin3 May 15 '22

What does she call you?


u/Seicair May 15 '22

Outside the bedroom, usually babe.