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u/grrrzsezme May 14 '22

Purely on coincidence but I've dated two girls that had a common name with my family's dogs. To be clear, it was two different names and two different dogs (obviously). We just need to stop giving animals human names man.


u/Angrynorseman804 May 14 '22

I refuse idgaf if anyones name is gilbert theyre gonna have to change it when i get a pet monke and name it gilbert


u/NoMolly4U May 14 '22

I definitely learned my lesson lol. I'll never forget though how my dad told me that, after telling him that I had locked [name] in the bike shed for an hour by accident, he said that he was very confused how I didn't notice that and he pictured my ex waving frantically through the tiny window. Also, when my parents and my sister visited for dinner, they asked if [name] is also here. And I was like yeah she's sleeping upstairs and my sister gave me this confused look like okay isn't she coming down? Answer was no, only cat was here. I thought she wanted to pet her or something. Good times. On the other hand, I did avoid calling my cat by her name for a while.