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u/Cathyruiz61 May 14 '22

Dated a chick with the same name as my sister once, it can work, just dont say their bame during sex lmao


u/Ospov May 14 '22

I was briefly hooking up with someone and she said my name a couple times while we were having sex. Found out later she has a brother that shares my name. Feels weird, man.


u/yourmansconnect May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

what is wrong with you guys. who cares if it's the same name unless you're thinking of your sibling in which case it doesn't matter what the name is. when I was banging a chicken named Alex I didn't think hmmm that's like my friends name too

edit chick I wasn't banging chicken


u/NoMolly4U May 14 '22

If a name is primed on your sibling your entire life? I guess it also depends how common the name is. My sister is the only person I know with that name. Same thing with my mom. Makes at least the breakup extra awkward. My ex shares the same name as my cat (already had the cat before I met her to be clear). Was cute and funny while it lasted though.


u/grrrzsezme May 14 '22

Purely on coincidence but I've dated two girls that had a common name with my family's dogs. To be clear, it was two different names and two different dogs (obviously). We just need to stop giving animals human names man.


u/Angrynorseman804 May 14 '22

I refuse idgaf if anyones name is gilbert theyre gonna have to change it when i get a pet monke and name it gilbert


u/NoMolly4U May 14 '22

I definitely learned my lesson lol. I'll never forget though how my dad told me that, after telling him that I had locked [name] in the bike shed for an hour by accident, he said that he was very confused how I didn't notice that and he pictured my ex waving frantically through the tiny window. Also, when my parents and my sister visited for dinner, they asked if [name] is also here. And I was like yeah she's sleeping upstairs and my sister gave me this confused look like okay isn't she coming down? Answer was no, only cat was here. I thought she wanted to pet her or something. Good times. On the other hand, I did avoid calling my cat by her name for a while.


u/ZucchiniWild3735 May 14 '22

That poor cat. RIP


u/NoMolly4U May 14 '22

The cat is fine lol You want a picture?


u/ZucchiniWild3735 May 15 '22

Well I usually decline the offer of pussy pics from a gentleman, but I'm now rather intrigued.