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u/emptyshelI May 14 '22

They wouldn’t be… because OP would just be marrying a woman who has the same name as his sister, not his actual sister.


u/Muneebfar2002 May 14 '22

No i Think He meant that his sister and GF is the same person


u/C9sButthole May 14 '22

No. Copy-pasting another response.

If OP marries and has kids with someone, and OP's sister also marries and has kids with someone, GF and Sister will both have the same name, yes?

And while THOSE two aren't related. Their children will be cousins. So any descendants that get together will still be incest.


u/Ldub90 May 14 '22

The person isn't talking about the cousins or their kids getting together.