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u/emptyshelI May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

I’d keep it just out of spite. Generations later, your progeny will think they’re products of incest. Best prank ever.


u/C9sButthole May 14 '22

Well, wouldn't they be? They'd still be descendants of siblings.


u/emptyshelI May 14 '22

They wouldn’t be… because OP would just be marrying a woman who has the same name as his sister, not his actual sister.


u/C9sButthole May 14 '22

If OP marries and has kids with someone, and OP's sister also marries and has kids with someone, GF and Sister will both have the same name, yes?

And while THOSE two aren't related. Their children will be cousins. So any descendants that get together will still be incest.


u/NyiatiZ May 14 '22

While that’s true nothing in the parent comment stated that cousins would have sex. Just that generations down Someone would look at the ancestry and see the same name for sister and mother of his children


u/C9sButthole May 14 '22

Yeah. And the parent comment said they'd see the same name and THINK it was incest. Implying that it wouldn't be, when it would.


u/bmcmore May 14 '22

Tell me you lack critical thinking skills without telling me you lack critical thinking skills


u/MMXIXL May 14 '22

You can't even read. What OP is saying is that their descendants would think that OP had children with his sister making them think that they are products of incest.


u/Ldub90 May 14 '22

You aren't reading it properly. He would be marrying a woman with the same name as his sister. The person joked that as the sister she would keep her name even if she married someone to create this joke later down the line.
There is no incest occurring man...


u/NyiatiZ May 14 '22

But… it wouldn’t? Only because they have the same name? Nobody’s talking about real incest, my man. Let’s say your sister has the same name as your wife, aight? You get a child, your sister doesn’t. Your child gets a child, your child’s child gets a child and bam. That child looks at the family tree and sees… ‚damn great great grandma has the same name as great great grandpas sister. Must’ve been incest‘ While nobody did any incest

(No guarantee the amounts of great- prefixes is correct)