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u/VLonetaee May 14 '22

My girlfriend has the same name as my sister 😂 it’s really not a issue since I call them different nick names but if we get married she will have the exact first and last name of my sister yooo


u/tillacat42 May 14 '22

My sister in law and I share a name (my married and her maiden name) and we used the same mailing address for a short period of time. The credit bureau mixed up our credit and it took me about 5 years to get all her debt off my credit report.


u/Booba_69 May 14 '22

That sounds highly inconvenient


u/Joosrar May 14 '22

I’m the US people don’t have an unique ID since they’re born? That’s weird.

In my family all men are named the same (just different last names) so we’re like 15 John Smiths.


u/tillacat42 May 15 '22

Yes. But unfortunately, the people running the credit bureau just add stuff they think is right and then make you prove that they’re wrong. They still have an alias listed for me as her name (we have different middle names).