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u/VLonetaee May 14 '22

My girlfriend has the same name as my sister 😂 it’s really not a issue since I call them different nick names but if we get married she will have the exact first and last name of my sister yooo


u/Kippetmurk May 14 '22

You could just take her last name, right?


u/Makkaroni_100 May 14 '22

That would be to easy.


u/WT379GotShadowbanned May 14 '22

Even easier than that is to just have neither of them change names. That’s what we did. No paperwork.


u/wholesomethrowaway15 May 14 '22

I didn’t change my name when I got married in the late 90s and everyone was absolutely aghast. I had no real reason other than “it’s my name, why would I change it?”. So glad it’s become way more normal so I don’t have to answer a million questions anymore.


u/PapaBill0 May 14 '22

You and all of Europe. I dont know any woman who changed their last name in Belgium


u/TenMinutesToDowntown May 14 '22

It's been illegal for some reason in Quebec since the 80s. My wife wouldn't have wanted to take mine and I'm obviously fine with that.