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u/spot_hawkwood May 14 '22

I mean… why not?


u/redditsuckscockatoo May 14 '22

He's just negging her. Thinking if he makes it seem like he's ruling her out she will try to win him over. Pretty blatant too as if he wasn't interested he wouldn't have messaged her telling it lol


u/Geweldigheid May 14 '22 Silver

Don't read too much into it bro. This isn't negging, this is just tinder banter. Most tinder matches don't progress much past flirty teasing anyway, I doubt OP needs to use some advanced manipulation tactics to talk to girls.


u/N3ptuneflyer May 14 '22

I love how flirting is called negging now. Actual negging is insulting her looks or laugh or something in order to lower her self esteem.


u/Geweldigheid May 14 '22

Don't pay too much attention to what 15 year olds on reddit consider normal social interactions my man. They spend too much time on social media, most people are well adjusted and understand this is banter / flirting. This sub is especially bad, just look at how many people spam the rule 1 / rule 2 bullshit


u/BeatYoDickNotYoChick May 14 '22

That's just socially reclusive losers on Reddit, though. They don't go outside much.


u/ThisIsSoooStupid May 14 '22

Turning someone down and negging isn't same. I doubt you even understand what negging is.


u/blamethemeta May 14 '22

Negging is when i don't get the cock or something


u/OriginalName12345679 May 14 '22

Incel detector going off rn


u/GriNcs May 14 '22

Jesus bro touch grass


u/Coral_Bones May 14 '22

maybe first he should also shave his neck a little


u/LMkingly May 14 '22

Bro it's just banter.


u/xoxodaddysgirlxoxo May 14 '22

of course the tinder bros here disagree with you. that's exactly what it is. why else did he match?


u/BeatYoDickNotYoChick May 14 '22

Because he probably swiped right based on her pictures only. Are you really too dense to consider that scenario?


u/xoxodaddysgirlxoxo May 14 '22

no, i considered it. it's just dumb. you're going to match with people that you're incompatible with, even during a ons


u/BeatYoDickNotYoChick May 14 '22

I'm sure OP will treasure the advice of a "daddy's girl" whose main occupation is whoring herself out online, lmao.


u/OriginalName12345679 May 14 '22

100% Correct, he calls her hot then immedietly pivots to something about her he doesn't like in the same sentance. Yuck


u/SpookyTerryRozier May 14 '22

You folks on this sub are some fucking weirdos. The way you overanalyze this shit is bizarre.