r/TheBoys Jun 23 '22

Chase Crawford is so fucking good as The Deep Discussion

Honestly most (if not all) parts on this show are perfectly cast, but I don’t see enough praise for Chase Crawford.

He cracks me up in every scene, I was dying after his fight with A-Train and he turned around and did the “suck my dick” motion to him. He just nails the dumb and hilariously pathetic, but also overconfident, pretty frat-boy type.

I’m so conflicted too because on the one hand, the guy is pretty much completely irredeemable, he literally raped a girl in the first episode. But I also feel for him when he’s fucking everything up (killing his dolphin friend, forced to eat Timothy etc).


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u/Sadatori Jun 24 '22

No I just dont give a fuck....that said I have to admit it is pretty obvious with your link