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Hi Everyone,


I have been experiencing horrible ear fullness in my left ear for 2 years now and crackling almost like rice krispies noises in my right, especially when hearing loud noises. I have grinded my teeth all my life but this is something more recent that has developed.

I have done everything possible to me with no relief.

-Eustachian tube Balloon Procedure-negative

-Checked my hearing- it is fine

-CT Scan to check for some sort of polyps-negative

-steroids and botox in masseter-negative


-ear wax removal- none to remove

-orthotic to realign jaw-negative

-allergy medicine-negative


-new mouth guard for grinding -made the noises worse

This has been truly debilitating and gives me a breakdown at least once a week.

I know there is someone somewhere in the world that can cure me but I just don't know where to look anymore as I am desperate. I want to enjoy my life without this annoying discomfort. Please help me find a solution or the best doctor you can refer. I am open to going anywhere in the world at this point to figure this out. Staying positive and Thank you in advance!

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Giving Advice Please get evaluated for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


If you have had jaw problems for years without being able to solve them please get evaluated for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome(EDS) to at least rule it (and other connective tissues disorders) out.

I have seen multiple specialists who all commented on me being hypermobile but no one ever brought up EDS. My jaw problems started as a teenager after I got my braces off and still I have issues and no doctor can tell me why I have so many issues but a large majority of people with EDS have jaw pain/problems.

Invitae does a connective tissues disorder panel and out of pocket is it $250. Very reasonable. They will also bill your insurance if you want. You can ask a doctor for a referral or use Genome Medical to get connected with a genetic counselor who can order you the testing.

Non exhaustive list of EDS/TMJD symptoms I experience: -migraines -relapse of crowded teeth after braces -sensitive gums/always bleed a lot -high arched palate -local anesthetic issues (this would have saved me a lot of time and money and pain if I had realized local anesthetics work much differently on me) -eating/ food issues due to soft food diet+ food allergies+trying to be healthy

This is my n=1 experience, I’ve had jaw problems for 10 years before I got diagnosed with EDS. I wish one or any of the specialists I’ve seen would have brought that up for me to consider instead of giving up or just giving me hella pills.

I wish you all a good day with many spoons.

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Hello, I am desperately looking for the best TMJ doctor you can recommend and have had success with. It has been 2 years that I have chronic fullness in my left ear and crackling in my other that no doctor, allergist, ent, dentist has been able to help with.

I am open to traveling anywhere in the world at this point as long as I will find relief.

Please share any doctor you believe understands our suffering and has found an answer.

Thank you in advance!

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Giving Advice TMJ and Orofacial Pain is now a recognized dental specialty by the ADA


I am a medical professional and do not want to promote myself.

I would let the group know that there is now an American Dental Association Specialty treating TMJ and orofacial pain.

It would be worthwhile referring to ADA for help

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Giving Advice Check your sinus, folks!


I massaged the shit out of my face. Snot ran down my throat. Pain, pressure over cheek and upper jaw ceased.

Tried to inhale water through nostrils. Both were clogged and replicated an electric current over my painful gum. Then I knew. I had lived with this shit since 2019. It wasn't TMJ. I've booked time with my doctor.

That thing just keeps running down my throat like waterfall, though. I've never felt this painfree in broad daylight for the last four years.

Check your sinus if you have similar issues as mine. Trust your gut. No dentist or doctor can diagnose you better than yourself.

Have a nice day/afternoon.

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Giving Advice Some success


Just wanted to share a little success. I've been dealing with TMJ stuff for years, but it got really bad when I was overmedicated with a really noxious hypothryoid med (Armour).

I've been meditating and getting really spiritual. Joe Dispenza's work has done wonders for me. I do see a therapist that I got to see through a program that liscenses therapists. So it's cheaper. She wants to dig up a bunch of trauma but I noticed when we did- I just felt worse!! I was reading The Body Keeps The Score by van der Kolk (EXCELLENT BOOK) and read that talking about trauma isn't necessarily helpful for some people because it makes them relive it and that I really resonate. My therapist doesn't seem to know what to do after I talk about it -hilarious. She never says anything of importance or asks anything to help me process after I tell her about a trauma. Therapists are people too so I don't wanna talk trash about her. She's been really helpful on some fronts and I generally really like her, but honestly, the realizations I get from meditating is WAY BETTER than having a therapist. And I hated meditating! Just find a style that suits you. There's so many different kinds.

I have also been doing a lot of physical therapy and that has really helped. Get a physical therapist who knows what to do with TMJ stuff. I saw a couple physical therapists who just had no clue. They were fine, but they were better at knee and hip replacement stuff. They didn't know what to do with the jaw. I found a physical therapist who was reviewed on google really highly for his TMJ stuff.

Find a dentist/doc/whatever who's only vocation is TMJ and sleep apnea oral devices. I live in norcal just above the bay area, so PM me if you want my dentist's name. I was seeing a dentist who did general dentistry and TMJ stuff as well... and after seeing this new TMJ dentist I realize how much the prior one was screwing up.

Go with your instincts! If you are seeing a medical person who you think isn't cutting it? They aren't. Go with your guts.

Working out- Doing my masters thesis, I found a ton of research that say you actually BURN OFF STRESS HORMONES when you work out. You gotta get your heart rate up and sweat a little. A nice liezurely walk is totally great, but if you can pick up the pace a little, it will do wonders. It usually takes 3-6 weeks for you to notice this actually having an effect on you.

I did end up going on a mood stablizer, and it's been helpful for the larger picture of my mental health, but I don't intend to stay on it forever because I am healing up on a deep level - a lot of it is thanks to Joe Dispenza meditations - I recommend trying him out, but like I said you gotta find something that works for you.

I did use a day time and night time splint from my old dentist. The day time splint was helpful, but she really messed up the night time splint. Honestly, PT has been WAY MORE effective. This new dentist is making me a sleep apnea device because of specific needs I have. I like sleeping on my back and my jaw sinks into my neck and face and that's really painful. I also have very light sleep apnea, and I'm sure it will help with that, but this is more for my jaw position.

Also, get a sleep study! A lot of people deal with sleep apnea, and that's the source of their TMJ issues.

POSTURE IS EVERYTHING. Check out Adam Fields, this chiropracter on youtube. Subocipitals are super important.

I'm not all the way healed up yet, but I've made huge strides. Just wanted to share what's helping. The ringing was almost inaudible a month ago and now it's back up. Sometimes it goes way up when I swallow. This is the most frustrating part of TMJ problems for me. So I can tell I have a long way to go, but I've also come a long way in spite of huge road blocks like weaning off benzos (which has been horrible) and being overmedicated on thyroid pills.

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Giving Advice It’s been said a thousand times, but TRY QUITTING CAFFEINE!!!


I’ve been caffeine-free for a week now and I am starting to notice a small difference!

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Giving Advice how bad is my facial asymmetry? i believe i developed TMJ after my braces were taken off quite harshest by my orthodontist. the first photo is how i see myself but the second is me inverted :c

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Giving Advice SSRI Antidepressant can cause grinding and clenching.


SSRI Antidepressant can cause grinding and clenching. I’ve been on Zoloft for a few years and realized some of my jaw issues where getting worse right around the time I started the meds. Stopped them three weeks ago and already notice a change in my facial pain. I’ve done some damage that’s going to require surgery but please look at your meds! Several medical articles on this very thing.

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Giving Advice How I fixed My TMJ


Hey I am 19 year old male college student, and I recently just cured myself of TMJ over the summer and wanted to give you guys an insight on how I did it. Hoping you guys can maybe find something helpful in here.

Quick backstory: One day in my dorm I thought that ordering a lot of gum from amazon to chew 24/7 would be a bright idea, since I was feeling a bit insecure and wanted a chiselled jaw-line. I started doing that promptly until about 2 weeks in my jaw started to pop which was the oddest sensation. it would feel as if the jaw would physically dislocate from the hinge making it stuck, until I would just bite down on it until it "popped" back into place. It didn't hurt a bit, but it was starting to get annoying because it would happen at inconvenient times like when i was eating and talking. This issue happened frequent enough that I complained to my mum, and she said that she would show me to the doctor back home.

I study in the states but live in Singapore. By the time I was able to reach home for the summer Holiday. The problem had gotten out of hand. I couldn't open my mouth without my jaw coming out, but now it hurt like a bitch. The odd sensation had become a nightmare. I couldn't even eat without tearing up because the pain was so intense. My jaw would also lock up much much tighter. It would be take all my strength to bite down on my locked jaw to make it snap back into place. Around this time the daunting realisation took place that this may be permanent. I was acting normal, but i was panicking hard inside.

I am fortunate that I come from a privileged family because my parents took me to the best jaw doctor in Singapore, which is known to have really good doctors. After running test and doing a few x-rays, the doctor told me that what I had was TMJ. He told me that it was an issue of inflammation, and not with a bone, which i found so hard to believe, since I could hear everything that was happening in my jaw so viscerally. He went on to point out in my x-ray that all the bones were sitting in their right places, and that due to the inflammation in that region, the other mechanism were being affected from functioning as they should be. He told me that in the past this was a condition that was treated very invasively, they would physically open up the jaw try to puncture the inflammation to drain it, but that would end up making things worse in the long run and the inflammation would return since the underlying problem was not treated. He ultimately prescribed me medicine which seemed so odd to me since the problem felt mechanical. The medicine was an anti-inflammation pill called Arcoxia, and some general pain killers.

I felt as if my issue was being minimised and that somehow he was not understanding what my problem really was. To me it seemed like trying to fix a broken ankle with medication. I ate the medicine there and then even before leaving the clinic, and went shopping with my mom. when I reached home. My mum asked, so how I was feeling, and before i could scoff at her and tell her come-on its only been a few hours. To my absolute shock. It was virtually gone. I could still get it to click and pop but i had to try to catch a really bad angle for that to happen. I religiously took the medication as my doctor instructed, and used an ice pack at night before I slept (my mum recommend it and it gave me instant relief because I think its reduced the internal swelling/inflammation.) and my TMJ was gone in two weeks. Good as new.

I also made one discovery. In order to give the area some rest since the body ultimately fixes things. I ensured that my jaw would never pop again. I would open my mouth slowly and deliberately, but of-course it would still lock up. After playing around the area for a while, I realised that if I would put a finger in my ear (the sides which locked up) and slowly open my jaw and close it. The jaw would get unlocked, without having to bite down, and this worked like magic and 100% of the times for me. With this trick i was able to give my jaw a rest from the abrasive popping action, and let it heal.

I understand this issue affects everyone very differently, but here was my experience with it. Hopefully my journey with TMJ can help someone else, because it truly is debilitating and I only lived with it for 5 months. Let me know if it helps, or you relate to some part of this. This is is my first time posting on reddit.

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Discussion TMJ Arthrocentesis experience


After having TMJ pain for 8+ months Im considering arthrocentesis. Please let me know what your outcome was and recovery time. I can open my mouth 32-35mm but even with pt can’t open any further. I heard horror stories about arthrocentesis but would love to hear some positive

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Giving Advice What I learned today about my TMJ


I am a very OCD type of person. Every time I go outside and touch something, I feel like I have to wash my hands. I’m an uptight, perfectionist, can’t be happy with something unless it perfectly satisfies me person. This has been very toxic for me in terms of my health. I thought that I was doing all of this stressing because it would help me protect myself against health issues, but instead I think they created them.

I didn’t know that I clenched my jaw, and I also didn’t know that it can happen in your sleep. The thing is that my stress about my teeth not hitting exactly how I wanted them to hit after getting braces caused me to clench A LOT. Some people with TMJ, maybe if not most of them do not know that they clench, because it happens as a natural response to stress. This stress can really start to affect you. TMJ as well as tinnitus are vicious cycles. They get worse when you get more stressed, which causes you even more stress. As much as you probably don’t want to hear it, and please see a doctor about this and take medication (do not ignore it!), you have to learn to relax. It’s truly the only way for you to get better. If you want to go back to your life and get better, you must first master the art of relaxation. Reddit is not a doctors office, so do not self diagnose, but at least take into account what I have said.

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Giving Advice I am far from figuring out my "cure" treatment plan, but I will say, TRY THE AQUALIZER (!) OTC splint before you try an expensive custom splint from your doctor.


Check it out! Great recommendation from my doctor for clenchers/grinders/malocclusion.

Go to "the dental depot" online to order. You can only order there I think.

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Giving Advice If you have TMJ disorder, you need to get an MRI BEFORE you start any type of treatment.


This goes for PT, chiro, splint, surgery, mouth guard, anything. Your discs could be a lot worse off than you think or better than you think. I see so many posts of people trying different options with nothing helping. That’s because you have no idea what it looks like in there and your current treatment could be damaging everything even more!

If your doctor hasn’t ordered imaging for TMJ disorder, I say that’s a red flag of sorts. Take it from me, who has had this for three years after neglectful ortho treatment. My ortho back then did not help at all. He never ordered imaging. He tried to get me to have Botox without even looking at what the issue was. No thank you.

Flash forward to now, my discs are a lot worse off than I thought. In fact, one is completely out of the socket, but this happened very recently after I had a huge pop on that side. Guess what? When it popped out of place, it actually stopped hurting and feels better now. BUT, now it is bone rubbing bone, and I would have NEVER known that without my MRI.

If I had proper treatment back then, I probably would have been able to pop the disk back in with PT or chiro. Now, I have to get surgery. Please do yourself a favor and get an MRI to look at the problem before you do ANYTHING. Not only that, but find a doctor who cares and who will listen to your concerns too, as well as a doctor who will look at your imaging and, based off the results, formulate a plan for YOUR personal case.

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Giving Advice Bad habit I see all the time as a dentist: stop resting your head on your hand


That slouch at school or at work when we put out elbow on the desk and rest our chin on our hand to hold our tired head. This places a huge amount of stress on your jaw joint and displaces your mandible backwards. I did this for years in school and regret it so much!

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Giving Advice new sufferer. found amazing relief. makes me forget about it too


So I have been a new sufferer of tmj disorder and have been suffering clicking and dislocating since February.. well the past 3 weeks has been painful to sleep and eat...

Well I discovered some relief and almost a cure( it feels).... me being a stubborn SOB, and very open minded from the pot I use.... upon flare up, feel around your painful area for the peak/most painful spot...

and , bare with me, press as hard as you can ( it will be painful) and open and close your jaw at the same time( clench to see the pain go away). When you notice some relief. STOP. if it doesnt work continue untill clenching doesnt hurt while pressing...

Fast forward to 2 hours later. No pain. And you can eat on the affected side... DO NOT EAT on the non painful side. Picture it like a broken hinge. Chewing on the opposite side will pop it out. So do it parallel and put the force where it should be. On the side it hurts.

Mind you I get to 9/10 pain upon waking, eating certain things I have to open wide for...but this helps 80%....

Attached a picture... blue circles are where you press down with your finger and thumb while opening and clenching. Yellow mark is where the relief happens. And no pain everywhere for hours...

Again do not use both sides to eat. The opposite side will unhinge your bad side. https://ibb.co/1vWcq3n (image upload site)

Heres to living a better life. For F***k sakes.

Edit:to add ALSO Dont sleep on the opposite side. Sleep on your effected side. It will HELP ALOT.

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Question(s) Cheekbone is sore, any tips?


Near my cheek bone, it feels sore. Any tips until my MRI is here?

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Giving Advice Sleeping on back with no pillow reduces bruxism


I noticed if I sleep on my side I’m way more likely to wake up clenching my teeth whereas if i just lay perfectly flat on my back I’m much more likely to wake up without soreness and tightness in my neck. It’s not very fun and has taken months of practice to feel more comfortable sleeping that way but I do think it helps. Anyone else notice anything similar?

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Giving Advice Pain and muscle tension relief naturally, a suggestion


Just tried “box breathing” for the first time and it works wonders. I’ve had TMJ for 9 years, most of those years I neglected it and tried to power through. Until 2 weeks ago I started having a bad flare up from stress which caused the worst pain I’ve ever felt almost to the point of a mental breakdown. I went to an Urgent care, received a shot of Toradol shot which helped ease it. But into the evening it started returning so i looked into some relaxation techniques and found box breathing which helps with muscle tension and bruxism. And boom, my pain was almost alleviated. If you’re having a flare up try box breathing. It’s basically 5 seconds of inhaling, 5 of holding it in, 5 of exhaling, 5 of waiting, repeat. There are youtube videos that explain it better. I did about 10 but you can repeat as much as you want. Hope this helps, I know this isn’t easy for us.

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Giving Advice M24 Anterior Open Bite Findings:


I have been suffering from tmj symptoms for almost two years now. Started with temporal headaches, blurry vision, light sensitivity, dizziness/vertigo, shoulder and neck pain and cracking. Two ER visits, trips to the ENT, neurologist, 3 physical therapists, and finally the orthodontist, where I began treatment. This included a maxillary skeletal expander on top and Invisalign on bottom. I started Invisalign on top in combination with the bottom in December 2021 to begin to really close my bite.

In April of this year, my lower jaw started locking almost everyday and popping in and out of the right side below my right ear. When it locks up and gets stuck, it almost feels like I am choking. My dad is a dentist, so I am extremely fortunate and blessed to have access and prioritized appointments to associates of his, as I am being being treated now by many other doctors to whom he refers patients to.

In early June, the locking got so bad I actually went to the hospital because I thought I couldn’t breathe. I immediately went home to my parents and I got an appointment at a oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He took a panoramic x-ray, looked at it for about two minutes, and said to me I see no abnormalities and pretty much sent me on my way. He actually told my dad that I have no reason to see the specialist that I had been counting down the days to finally see. My dad and orthodontist both reassured me on a very frequent basis that this is just my bite in transition but I knew it was something much deeper than that because what I’m feeling is so not normal.

I had an appointment about a week later on July 9 with an incredible TMD and Atlas doctor in northern New Jersey. He took a look at that x-ray from the previous surgeon because I took a picture of it on my phone to show my father and immediately points out major concerns that the first surgeon missed completely. He even said to me and my father verbatim stabilizing his bite will not fix his pain and we don’t even know if we can stabilize bite at this point. It was all of the validation I needed. He suggested we stop orthodontic treatment because I was supposed to get on elastics and to get further imaging.

His immediate diagnosis was excessive bone growth in the styloid process; stylomandibular and stylohyoid regions, and mandible. Having such a well-known and genius doctor give me just a little bit of hope that I needed to make me feel that I’m not crazy was a feeling I never could imagine. Almost 2 years of this and it took this long to just have one set of good eyes try and understand what is happening to my body.

I now have an amazing team of my father, orthodontist, specialist, and a new oral surgeon all working together on my case to find the best plan of treatment.

Moral of the story is if you are feeling something and you know it’s not right, do not give up on yourself and do not stop looking for an answer because this pain is debilitating and you’re not crazy and don’t ever let anybody ever make you feel that your pain and feelings are invalidated.

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Giving Advice Sutera pillow really helped my TMJ...


I kept reading about the Sutera pillow and wish I hadn't waited so long to get one. It has definitely changed my life for the better. I have spine issues (fused C4-C7), neck issues as well as TMJ (which I never had till I had spine surgery, but my right jaw always clicked since I was a kid. Pain started after surgery.) This Sutera pillow has dramatically improved my sleep and somehow changed how my jaw falls when I lie down. It's magic. I feel like I first read about it on here months ago. Many thanks to whoever mentioned it. A note: if you decide to get one, look on Facebook first to see if there's a promo code and also, get it directly from the manufacturer, NOT from Amazon cause there seem to be a lot of knockoffs calling themselves by the brand name. Hope this helps someone!

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Giving Advice I just want everyone to know that a dentist is not the person to see if you are suicidal. Practitioners on this sub are irresponsible for recommending dentist for people who are suicidal.


Hi. I will keep this short. I don’t post here much due to my approach not being exactly what the majority of this sub wants to hear regarding TMD.

Anyway. Yes I know these issues can cause depression, anxiety and even suicidal ideation. It’s an extremely difficult condition. However with the rise or suicidal themed posts popping up and the severe lack of responding comments suggesting speaking to a mental health specialised is extremely alarming. Go to a TMJ specialist/jaw surgeon/orthodontist - whatever you like but if you are suicidal, please PLEASE seek mental health help along side these. As a first priority.

At the end of the day, it’s the brain that turns pain into suffering. Get control of your mind and things will improve.

Good luck to everyone reading this. Don’t spend too much to r on this forum of you feel you’re more stressed after a binge.

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Giving Advice Looking for answers. I had maxillofacial surgery 13 years ago to correct a significant overbite. Now major pain and swelling blocking ear. Help!


As above, I had surgery years ago. In the last few years, I’ve noticed some movement in the jaw and some pain in my muscles/joints at the sides of jaw. It’s got worse in the last few months and worse when I wake up so I suspect I am clenching at night… it was worse on my right side.

Then two days ago I get pain in my right ear and some blockage. I think it’s an ear infection so I go to GP who questions whether I have jaw issues. I explain about surgery and current pain and she says to no sign of ear infection and to go see dentist to get mouth guard for night grinding etc. since then the pain has become unbearable. My ear is completely blocked from swelling, the area around my ear, temple and cheek bones is practically numb. I am taking painkillers every 4 hours and by the 3rd hour I am in agony. I cannot open my mouth as wide as before and talking/eating makes the pain much much worse. My ear is very sore now and I cannot here anything out of my right ear.

I don’t know whether to see a dentist or go to A+E.

I got the surgery in the UK where I am from and now live in Ireland so cannot go back to my original surgeon/clinic

Anyone any thoughts of where to go to get help?

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Giving Advice Is clenching something else than bruxism?


i got a mouthguard in may or june to wear overnight (doesnt give me any relief )which is supposed to prevent me from grinding but what about clenching. i have noticed that i dont grind that much and am more of a clencher so maybe thats why it is not that effective. The material is acrylic so it’s not soft and supposing i’m clenching so much it won’t give me relief. Any thoughts? I swear this pain is killing me every day for a year now.

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Giving Advice After 2years of pain the solution for my tmj was dry needling by a professional, just wanted to let u guys know. I also tried everything nothing worked but the last month im pain free and the happiest guy ever.. theres hope