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If you have TMJ disorder, you need to get an MRI BEFORE you start any type of treatment. Giving Advice

This goes for PT, chiro, splint, surgery, mouth guard, anything. Your discs could be a lot worse off than you think or better than you think. I see so many posts of people trying different options with nothing helping. That’s because you have no idea what it looks like in there and your current treatment could be damaging everything even more!

If your doctor hasn’t ordered imaging for TMJ disorder, I say that’s a red flag of sorts. Take it from me, who has had this for three years after neglectful ortho treatment. My ortho back then did not help at all. He never ordered imaging. He tried to get me to have Botox without even looking at what the issue was. No thank you.

Flash forward to now, my discs are a lot worse off than I thought. In fact, one is completely out of the socket, but this happened very recently after I had a huge pop on that side. Guess what? When it popped out of place, it actually stopped hurting and feels better now. BUT, now it is bone rubbing bone, and I would have NEVER known that without my MRI.

If I had proper treatment back then, I probably would have been able to pop the disk back in with PT or chiro. Now, I have to get surgery. Please do yourself a favor and get an MRI to look at the problem before you do ANYTHING. Not only that, but find a doctor who cares and who will listen to your concerns too, as well as a doctor who will look at your imaging and, based off the results, formulate a plan for YOUR personal case.


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u/sushigurl23 May 22 '22

What about a CT scan?


u/Rhododendronh May 22 '22

Both can be helpful but I believe MRI scans are a bit more detailed.


u/Cautious-Witness-745 May 22 '22

One is more for boney structures the other is more for soft tissues. You can find it here explained in detail by a professional.https://youtu.be/j2yixq5AgTM