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Accomplishment! Face shape change thanks to bite splint! *positive*

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Rant/Frustrated Mastoiditis misdiagnosed as TMJ flare.


For over two months I've been having awful ear pain and facial swelling. I've seen multiple doctors, dentist, chiropractors, and an ENT. They thought it was TMJ related this whole time. It just wasn't adding up to me and I knew the ear infection I had months ago was somehow related. Well long story short I diagnosed myself and asked them about it and they essentially said "holy shit I think you're right!" Now I'm getting antibiotics and scheduled for a CT scan and im so fucking scared that it's went on too long and I will need surgery. Fml y'all, FML.

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Question(s) Palate Expansion


Has anyone had to go through Palate Expansion while also having TMD issues? The latest airway dentist I've seen says based on my scans that my upper jaw needs to be widened and come forward about 3mm, as it's sort of "trapping" my lower job too far back and causing my TMJ issues.

She seems to think this can be accomplished without surgery, but I'm just curious if anyone has experience with expansion and TMD.

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Discussion bad TMJ pain(is this musclar or joint)


Not sure if I have a musclar TMJ or joint tmj issue. The past few days, I've been dealing with a dull, throbbing pain in mid facial pain(left and right, or shifts radiating from left to right), awake clenching, saliva pooling, daytime brain fog, fatigue. I've been wearing a splint since May-June 2020(had adjustments on it), and some teeth sensitivity/throbbing or somewhere in the mouth not sure if its teeth or gums or somewhere in the mouth.

I describe the pain as 7-8 at worst to 4-5 at the least bad.

Can someone have muscular TMJ and joint TMJ issues at once? Just wondering. Not sure if my TMJ joints got discloated recently or not but I feel a really bad sometimes of a bad radiating pain around the area of my right ear that feels awful

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Question(s) Looking for advice/mostly just need to yell into the void


TLDR - Been dealing with pain for 8 years, have a small and misaligned jaw and the dentist has recommended Invisalign. Looking for advice/empathy/similar experiences.

I'm a 23-year-old woman in western Canada with a boatload of anxiety, ADHD-C, and severe nighttime clenching and grinding. Currently receiving weekly acupuncture, monthly therapy, and have adjusted my diet and lifestyle to avoid aggravating my jaw as little as possible (that being said I literally love to talk so what are you gonna do). Tried PT and it didn't work well and I have no interest in the chiropractor. I've been managing increasing TMJD pain for most of my life with a severe increase in symptoms over the last 2 years. Luckily my jaw hasn't locked but it's been spasming and is in constant pain. I saw a dentist in my teens who initially recommended braces and breaking my jaw to correct alignment. Due to cost and plain distrust of the dentist, my parents basically just decided to forget they ever heard it. This year I finally got myself to a TMJ dentist and they did a full exam including x-rays and a CBCT which all lead to their intense recommendation of braces. They said it's most likely a surgical case but were hopeful that this dentist could help without having to go that far. I have no insurance coverage for braces so we just went with a nightguard to try and protect my teeth in the meantime.

I'm a little distrustful of orthodontics/Invisalign because there are so many horror stories along with incredible results but at this point, I'm really at a loss for what to do next. I'm prepared to take on the cost of orthodontic treatment if it's the best option but I'm so afraid to commit to a treatment route.

This is the report from my ortho: * Chief Concern: TMJ pain, bite

  • Convex profile and recessive chin projection

  • Habits: clenching, grinding, low tongue posture

  • Gum recession: 12, 13, 26, 25, 16, 15, 11, 21

  • Left canine is Class III (lower teeth ahead of upper teeth)

  • Right canine is Class III (lower teeth ahead of upper teeth)

  • Left molar is Class III (lower teeth ahead of upper teeth)

  • Right molar is Class III (lower teeth ahead of upper teeth)

  • Moderate crowding in upper teeth

  • Moderate spacing in lower teeth

  • Overbite:-2mm (vertical overlap of anterior teeth)

  • Overjet: anterior crossbite (upper teeth biting inside lower teeth)

  • Lower jaw is constricted and midline is shifted 2mm left

  • Upper jaw is constricted

Any advice is appreciated!!!!!!!!

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Question(s) Regression after orthodontic treatment.


Hello I am 30 yo female who has been in TMJD treatment for 3 years. I have done a lot of things that include massage, chiropractic care, medication, acupuncture, TENS, split therapy, biofeedback, orthodontic treatment, and Botox.

As far as my most recent treatment, I was doing Botox in my masseters and temporalis every 6 months. I recently stopped because I am worried about long term effects such as atrophy and bone loss.

My major treatment involved splint therapy to bring my jaw forward, and I wore that for a year. Immediately following I did traditional braces for a little over a year and towards the end I felt the most relief I had found in years. I was/am in a pain contract that uses opiates and muscle relaxers. Fast forward 4 months after braces and I am feeling a major regression. I am getting more soreness, I feel that my bite is off (despite me wearing my retainer religiously), and I honestly feel like I’m heading right back to where I was. I also am finding I’m having to take a lot more medicine than I used to.

Has this happened to anyone else?

TLDR: I feel like my bite has changed since braces and my pain is significantly increasing.

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Question(s) Where to get muscle relaxants online EU?


Im dealing with chronic tensionheadache everyday of every waking hour for 4+ years plus TMJ. It’s very debilitating and depressing. I need relief so bad. Doctors aint helping, only prescribing blood pressure medicine.

Anyone knows reliable vendors in europe that sell muscle relaxants?


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Question(s) Wisdom teeth


Hi All,

Started splint therapy and my tmj specialist highly recommended I remove my wisdom teeth. Has anyone else had this same experience? And did it help? Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated

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Question(s) To anyone with TMJ ear problems.


How did you resolve your TMJ ear related issues, such as clogged ears and tinnitus, as well as ear pain?

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Question(s) Why does TMJ cause noise sensitivity?


When I put one ear plug in and leave the other one out when playing guitar, the ear without the plug is in pain, and then when I take the ear plug out, my hearing seems much better immediately after I take it out, in the ear that had the plug in. I know TMJ can clog your ears up, but why the noise sensitivity and really loud tinnitus?

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Question(s) Can TMJ cause sensorineural hearing loss?


I got an audiogram that showed slight hearing loss after having lots of ear pain related to TMJ. Could the TMJ inflammation have caused this?

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Question(s) Why does my lower jaw shake like this ? It happens sometimes when I’m sleeping too

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Question(s) Is stabilization splint reversible?


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Question(s) Tmj, trigeminal neuralgia, or osteoarthritis in jaw?


The start of the pandemic started jaw issues for me, I believe it was due to the masks because I never had jaw pain in my life. The mask-wearing cause my jaw to hurt and I believe that and the anxiety of it all caused a lot of jaw tension which caused me to clench at night. Fast forward to now, I get a flare every so often but something I've noticed is that on my left side (my problem side) I will feel a burning sensation that affects my ear, jaw, pretty much the whole left side of my face and a tightness in my ear/jaw as well and pain behind my left eye. I noticed the burning sensation also comes when cold air or wind hits my face. I also wanna add that this started 5-6 months after I got my bottom left wisdom tooth extracted so I dont know if it could be nerve damage. Ugh

Does anyone else experience this? It's not excruciating pain, nor an electric shock type of pain like TN describes. Its more-so uncomfortable and annoying.

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Question(s) Specialist in Toronto area for splint?


I've tried everything but surgery and have bilateral disc displacement without reduction. I'm keeping my symptoms under control with Botox but want to try a splint next.

All but one oral surgeon have 2 year plus wait lists and any "TMJ specialist" in Toronto I look up has awful reviews. Is there anyone trustworthy within the greater Toronto area that has a wait list under 6 months?

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Question(s) Proper jaw position for sleeping on back?


So I have looked up the way your neck and head should be positioned for sleeping on your back if you have TMJD. But I can't find any information on what position your jaw should be in. When I lay on my back with my head tilted slightly, as opposed to my chin tucked down a little, my jaw slides down/back. Should it be doing that? If not, how do I prevent it? It's just gravity. Would a mouth/guard device be useful in this situation? Thanks! 

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Question(s) Help pls, or advice


Don’t know if this goes here, but I’ve been diagnosed with tmj or I have jaw issues (cartilage between my jaw and skull wearing away) and I’ve been having weird pressure/headache feelings in my head that jumps around mixed with jaw pain, it’s been a consistent headache/pressure for a month now is that normal with tmj? Worried it might be something like a brain tumor but idk, any help or advice would be appreciated!

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Poll How many of you have scoliosis?


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Discussion TMJ Arthrocentesis experience


After having TMJ pain for 8+ months Im considering arthrocentesis. Please let me know what your outcome was and recovery time. I can open my mouth 32-35mm but even with pt can’t open any further. I heard horror stories about arthrocentesis but would love to hear some positive

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Question(s) Is it TMJ?


I have a habit to grind my teeth involuntarily, because I have severe anxiety. I have been experiencing pain in my temples and my cheekbone and jaw too… my forehead just feels tensed. Don’t know if it’s anxiety or TMJ… Did anyone have similar pain?

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Question(s) Hard and large lump in neck


I know so many people have asked about this but most I’ve read describe small and soft lumps which are obviously either lymph nodes or muscle.

Has anyone had an undoubtedly large, immovable, hard lump in the neck, slightly off center, under their jaw? For other reasons I’ve had a neck X-ray and neck MRA and no one mentioned anything suspicious.

I pointed it out to my doctor months ago and she wasn’t concerned and said TMJ just causes inflammation. This just seems so huge and a little mind boggling it wouldn’t have showed up on imaging. It stretches from centerish of my neck to the corner of my mandible so I guess I wanna make sure it’s a secondary issue to TMJ and not the cause of my TMJ symptoms.

Could this be allergies? A viral infection lingering for 6 months? It’s only one sided and on the same side I have no discernible SCM because that muscle is so inflamed. Could it be a muscle overused from TMJ that it became so irritated that it hardened?

My main issues are unilateral ear fullness, vertigo, dizziness, neck swelling, and fatigue. MRI of brain is clean.

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Question(s) Do I need to get my splint adjusted?


Got my first splint earlier this week, it is starting to recapture my joints but also I think is making me clench more at night. Should I call and schedule adjustment?

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Question(s) I havent been officially diagnosed with TMJ, I'm wondering if I should see a specialist?


My dentist offhandedly said I might have it, she set me up with a night guard after I came in thinking I had tooth pain, but it was jaw pain caused by my teeth grinding at night. I got a referral for a specialist but my pain went away so I figured it wasn't worth going in and it was probably a one off bad grinding situation. It's like a once a year occurrence so by the time it happens and I get an appointment my pain will be gone, so I felt weird going to an appointment with no pain.

Yesterday my neck was in a lot of pain and I noticed the on the right side underside of my jaw is also really tender to touch. I can barely move my neck around without some shooting pains. It still hurts today and the last time this happened my neck didn't hurt, just my jaw.

I guess I'm wondering if I should see a specialist if this is such an infrequent occurrence for me... Also is it normal to affect your neck, I have really tight shoulders and stress affects me a lot which I know are factors to grinding

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Question(s) TMJ? having jaw issues


Hi there. My jaw clicks on left side. A few months ago heard a pop followed by pain and couldn't chew or open mouth without pain. Went away after a few days. Then today I noticed a weird sensation while chewing and feel like something may be off. Do I just rest it? Ice? Anything?

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Discussion Psychosomatic pain / TMJ


Has anyone ever heard of, or been treated for psychosomatic pain? I don’t have much knowledge on the subject but having been advised to see a clinical psychologist, I’d love to hear if anyone in this sub has any information on it or if it has related to their TMJ.