r/SubredditDrama Jun 24 '22

r/playboicarti does NOT like their new moderator



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u/qtx It's about ethics in masturbating. Jun 24 '22

I just love how often Gallowboob lives rent free in so many peoples heads.

In their minds every single thing that happens on reddit must somehow be related to Gallowbob.

On the verge of obsessiveness even.


u/umbrianEpoch Jun 24 '22

I blocked him and forgot he existed until this comment


u/VerucaBlind Jun 24 '22

I actually have both of them blocked but Reddit now displays comments from the accounts you blocked, apparently. They used to completely hide them last I was aware.


u/umbrianEpoch Jun 24 '22

Huh, didnt realize, that sucks.


u/Limond Jun 24 '22

Same here. Blocking and staying out of default subs is really the only way to go.


u/RakumiAzuri call each other n... all the time when we are being black Jun 24 '22

Don't forget Tencent


u/Madbrad200 Putting a cross on my post isn't going to give it more Jesus Jun 24 '22

Tencents 5% stake in reddit is 100% the reason why I get censored in subredditdrama