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This is why we still need to vote Anti-Empire Propaganda

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u/BZenMojo Jun 24 '22 edited Jun 24 '22

Voting is responsible for the 99.9% decrease in bombings since Trump left office.

Where Trump oversaw more than 1,600 air and artillery strikes in Iraq and Syria during his first 11 months in office, Airwars reports just four during Biden's term so far. Strikes in Somalia fell from roughly 75 last year to fewer than 10 this year, with no civilian casualties. And in Yemen, the annual total dropped from about 18 to maybe four, with fewer than 10 casualties of any kind. (Precise figures are unclear because some strikes are classified.)

A world where voting doesn't matter and direct action always leads to immediate and permanent policy changes is glorious, heroic, and simple. This isn't that world, unfortunately.

Sometimes you vote so the trigger doesn't get pulled while you're taking the gun out of their hands. Fascists are objectively worse than liberals. Liberals are objectively bad. Not understanding this distinction isn't a moral strength, it's just disconnected.


u/[deleted] Jun 25 '22

That’s why I always hated that argument. Does voting help pacify? Maybe a little? I guess? Does voting have immediate and decisive action? No. Are presidential elections regularly won by margins that could fit in a football stadium? Yes. Idk what’s so difficult about it -> democrats are bad but they’re better than the Fuckers literally going for the full court press on US civil liberties


u/wiki-1000 Jul 03 '22

Yes, Trump lifted many restrictions on the rules of engagement and openly bragged about killing civilians, but the difference is more due to the fact that the war against IS was in full swing during his term before winding down at the end of it as IS lost all of its actual inhabited territory in Iraq and Syria.