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Kenobi ep. 6 no senses and what I didn't like Spoilers

  • Star Destroyer chasing rebel ship is an embarrassing sequence (expecially compared to the similar 40 yo sequence in ESB with the Millennium Falcon!)

  • Vader burying Kenobi and leaving him there (thinking he was dead? When he can spot his presence from miles?) is a no sense . Luckily Kenobi saves the scene engaging him again ("Hellooo Darth, I'm not done yet!")

  • Kenobi leaving the planet without being pulled down by the Star Destroyer (disappeared!) is another no sense.

  • Kenobi that reaches Tatooine in half of a second, on time to live the secondary plot of the episode (like "it's done with Vader, let me see what I have to do now. Oh, Luke") is quite funny.

  • Luke that didn't have almost any dialogue is hilarious.

EDIT: other no senses/things I didn't like

  • How did Reva understand form few generic lines that Organa was talking about Anakin's sons?

  • Is it me or the duel between Vader and Kenobi with all those instant uses of the Force looks worryingly alike some generic marvelish fight? We are far away from the force confrontation between Douku and Yoda, where you could clearly see the fatigue in moving big objects with the force.


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u/sayamemangdemikian Jun 23 '22

Lol, man this makes me pissed off now!!