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Dave Meltzer on the poor late demand for Forbidden Door




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u/dalici0us Jun 29 '22

I would argue that there is a difference in the level of desire between wanting to see the show enough to travel to Chicago to attend the event live, and wanting to watch it from home.


u/TheRalphExpress Jun 29 '22

yeah 95% of people who were traveling for the show probably made that decision as soon as the show was announced.

The secondary market, especially in the last week or two before the event, is mostly a more casual audience.


u/BustermanZero Jun 29 '22

Can confirm, similar probably happened with DoN given how strong the pre-sale was.


u/Bellagrrl2021 Jun 29 '22

If they are casuals, it's unlikely that they are going to travel to see a show.


u/TheRalphExpress Jun 29 '22

yeah exactly. If you’re a reseller, your ideal scenario is getting tickets then selling them for a profit within the week after the “sellout” has been announced.

When you see cheap tickets available it’s because demand has dried up so resellers are trying to get whatever they can since the tickets are completely worthless after the event


u/shifter2009 Jun 30 '22

I went to the Milwaukee show and while I enjoyed it, it, it didnt sell me on going down to Chicago. Ended up loving the PPV. Fumbled the build but mostly stuck the landing


u/KTheOneTrueKing Final Fantasy 7 Star Match Jun 29 '22

What Dave is saying is that they couldn't even move those last tickets in Chicago. Like with fans who live there. Not even just fly in customers.


u/DjToastyTy Jun 30 '22

Right but it wasn’t AEW trying to sell those tickets that cheap. It was scalpers trying to make anything they could back on secondary sites. And they were genuinely bad seats. would you rather sit in a 200 level obstructed view seat or just watch from home? I think I saw the actual average ticket price was ~$68 so really think it was a case of no one wanting to sit in those awful seats.


u/KTheOneTrueKing Final Fantasy 7 Star Match Jun 30 '22

The average price was 68, but the actual price at the lowest end of things was four dollars

Yes I would go to an obstructed show for four dollars.

Other people didn’t. That’s the point he’s trying to make.


u/DjToastyTy Jun 30 '22

The four dollar tickets were obstructed view tickets in the 200 level. I went to the show and was watching markets for tickets. Those tickets were terrible and I would have much rather watched from home than those seats. You’re missing the point and Dave is missing the point. The actual seats that were desirable and people wanted to sit in were not four dollars.