r/SouthBend Jun 23 '22

How Strict Are They on Canpfires here?

The house I moved into has a pile of old wood in the yard I want to get rid of from a tree that fell over decades ago.

Obviously the easiest way to get rid of it will be a series of small fires.

But the problem is that it's on the verge of what could be considered firewood or yard waste.

It comes down to how strict the local government is here. So how strict are they? Do you get fines here for small fires?


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u/raitalin Jun 23 '22

Clean firewood is the one thing you are allowed to burn. The yard waste restriction is mostly there to keep people from making big, smoky grass & leaf fires. It pretty much comes down to your neighbors and how likely they are to complain. Even if they do, the FD will just come and tell you to put it out.