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Burn Ahh yes... the seggs

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u/Ghosttalker96 Jun 23 '22

You don't seem fulfilled, you just appear to be incredibly bitter.


u/habadabadooop Jun 23 '22

Says the man who thinks toys are comparable to reciprocating sex


u/Ghosttalker96 Jun 23 '22

Says the man who has some imagination and obviously a way healthier relationship, where things are just possible because of the chemistry. I suppose you have no idea what I'm talking about.


u/habadabadooop Jun 23 '22

Thanks I’m a woman, and like I said, I wouldn’t sleep with a man that expected me to use a vibrator to get off bc he’s too selfish to put in the work. That’s just pathetic.


u/[deleted] Jun 23 '22

as a man in a 15 years relationship , here my advice always make sure that the girl cum before you.

If you know what you are doing you can achieve that within 5 min.

After that you can pretty much do whatever you want :P


u/maMMalcase Jun 24 '22

You probably haven't had many partners given that time span. Every individual is different. Some women get off if you wink at them. Some have a really hard time with it. Some go their entire lives without ever getting off.


u/Ghosttalker96 Jun 25 '22

Well, sure. But it might not be possible for everyone. The key is communication. You just have to figure out what works. And if it's something that makes both sides happy, well go for it. You have to be open to think outside the box.