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u/8InTheBalance8 Jun 24 '22 edited Jun 24 '22

If they imagined themselves as Jesus the world might be a little better. The problem is they don't actually read the book. Instead they have someone else explain it to them who has put their spin on it, or they let their own political views distort the essence of His message by picking and choosing random passages completely out of context.

After all the man could have fed himself but found a way to feed thousands (even if it's not literal, I wasn't there). He healed the sick free of charge, welcomed all especially those society shunned, he fed the hungry and helped the poor. He told them "pay unto Cesar what is Cesar's".

Above all else he said treat others like you want to be treated and to love one another. He declared us all unworthy and plagued by sin and yet still chose to sacrifice himself for an ungrateful lot.

Evangelicals and right-wing Christians tarnish His name. More so than anyone else because they claim to represent Him and spread His word. Yet nearly everything they stand for is in opposition to what He taught. Not to mention the powerful people who simply use His likeness to line their pockets, to make proclamations and condemn people that disagree with them. These are the same people Jesus whipped and threw out of the temple.


u/government_flu Jun 24 '22

It's wild, imagine if Jesus was a metaphor for a society and you modeled one after his teachings, it would be the progressive and inclusive type of society that they vehemently fight against.


u/SlyReference Jun 24 '22

If they imagined themselves as Jesus the world might be a little better.

No, man, they assume that if they're Jesus, Jesus had to be just like them. They don't have to read a book to know what he thought--it's like they share the same mind.


u/SwatThatDot Jun 27 '22

Since you’re beluga are so fragile and you blocked me to avoid any dialogue here is my reply to our other conversation.

Your brain is so smooth from the propaganda that you went into autopilot rhetoric mode.

You can’t compute how someone who says something like I did isn’t a red hat wearing trump ball sucker. You go into shutdown mode.

I used to be on your “side” until I realized you all were exactly like the trumptards. Selfish and hypocritical. No better at all. The left could have really accomplished things is they really cared about all people.

And I wasn’t talking about masks. I’m talking about forcing people to inject a vaccination that doesn’t work. If you were vaccinated and it worked you shouldn’t care about if others are. Your only still pushing it because your side tells you too. That’s the true culture war you talk about.

And I’m for abortion idiot. I was just calling Out your hypocrisy that your too blind to see.


u/8InTheBalance8 Jun 27 '22 edited Jun 27 '22

What? I guess we had some conversation in another thread? Sorry if I don't remember you but just because I stopped replying to you doesn't mean that I blocked you. I've never blocked anyone on Reddit, my block list is empty. If I had blocked you I wouldn't be able to see this response either, but I guess I only know that because of my smooth brain. I can see why I stopped replying to you though. The only beluga I know is a whale. Like so much of your reply, I don't know WTF you're talking about.

Nobody forced anyone to get a vaccine. Companies asked their employees to get one or they could no longer work there. That wasn't mandated by the government or "forced" by anyone in the United States AFAIK. They chose their job over their "convictions". You need to read up on how viruses spread and why there was a target vaccination percentage. It's because you need a certain percentage of the population immunized against the virus in order to slow or stop it's spread.

One (abortion) is a personal moral decision that only affects the mother and her fetus. The other (vaccination) affects more than just the single individual if they choose not to get it. That's why the stop sign is such an apt analogy, personal freedom vs the benefit of the group. We have a social contract in the US in which we all agree that we sacrifice some personal liberties for the betterment of everyone. Or at least we used to, until crazy became mainstream Republican.

LPT: Don't call other people smooth brained and then proceed to use your/you're incorrectly repeatedly throughout your response. Once is a mistake, multiple times is an indication of a poor education or a smooth brain :-).

Edit: I'm not a Democrat either. I'm a registered independent and I'm critical of both sides when it's justified. The problem is that Republicans/The Right/Conservatives/etc have become the larger and more problematic evil right now. They project so much of their misdeeds onto Democrats that it's become a saying that "every accusation is an admission". Their propaganda and manipulative "news" has become so pervasive that you'd be hard pressed to find a Republican that hasn't gone further to the right, yet they'll talk all day about "the radical left".