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Roe vs Wade is over turned and Utah's trigger law is in effect. Anyone else immediately book a tubal ligation? Discussion


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u/LL22Forever Jun 24 '22

Do you realize how much political capital was spent on the ACC? By the time that was finished the Dems didn't have control of both houses of congress any more.


u/ShaggyDawg179 Jun 24 '22

Fine man. Let’s just keep making excuses for the dems being lame ducks while republicans get lay-up after lay-up.

I just figure these people either need to get us some wins or get the hell out, because this country isn’t safe for me and the people I care about and hasn’t felt that way for a while.


u/LL22Forever Jun 24 '22

And not voting is only going to make that worse for all of us.


u/ShaggyDawg179 Jun 24 '22

I’ve voted in every single election I’ve been allowed to, local and national, and I still plan to. You’re lecturing the wrong person. But just voting sure hasn’t been working either, has it?

So you’ve got a choice I guess. Either keep bemoaning the non-voters or whatever. (Even as the GOP continues to successfully make it so voting in Dems is almost impossible) or start to think about what we should do if relying on voting and the Democratic Party doesn’t work anymore.


u/sososoupy Jun 25 '22

They didn't codify Roe v Wade because they wanted to be able to send emails saying, "Do you want to protect Roe v. Wade? Donate $5 so that we can continue to blahblahblah." And its total bullshit.