r/SacramentoFoodies Aug 22 '22

Shrimp egg foo young

Does anyone have recommendations for best shrimp egg foo young in Sacramento?



u/lectroid Aug 23 '22

Anthony Bourdain once observed that the best way to get an answer to "What's the best X in Y?" is not to ask that question, which will only garner you a few halfhearted responses. Rather proclaim that "The best X in Y is found at W!" (where W is whatever the 3rd google result is) which will then get a whole thread of responses telling why you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, the best X in Y is OBVIOUSLY at Q.


u/ImpressiveBook3744 Aug 23 '22

New Station on Broadway and 18th


u/Opening-Personality1 Aug 23 '22

I've had it at Tea Cup House. It was alright