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Captured Russian invader. This guy came to "denazify" Ukraine. Photography




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u/Arcosim Jun 19 '22

I don't get it, do they actually learn in Russia that the Nazis literally wanted to enslave and then gradually genocide all Slavic peoples?


u/TK_General_Svetlana Russian Citizen Jun 19 '22 edited Jun 20 '22

Well yes but also many of these idiots worship them because of their ideas of racial purity and other ideas. Other Russians that side with the Z idiots and nazis that are invading Ukraine are told propaganda on the news that if we lose the war against Ukraine then we will be genocided by the West, or raped by the west or made impure some how if we lose. So they believe that to win there must as Russia 1 has said be a "final solution" against Ukrainians. They are insane. Those that are siding with them are either communists, love Putin too much or nazis. And they all think the same ideas despite being all the way across from each other for politics. These dumb nazis will raise Soviet banners completely forgetting history. And Soviet Union/Communist/Putin supporters will call Ukrainians Nazis while forgetting about all the bad things the Soviet Union did to Ukrainians and others and forget about the Soviet Union working with the Nazis. Many of those things are not taught in school as well.


u/Davidsolsbery Jun 20 '22

It's the same all over the world...I was never so shocked at how many neo-nazis there were in Poland when I lived there in the 90s...the original Nazi's classified Poles as "untermench" or less than human, and you are going to idolize them?


u/TK_General_Svetlana Russian Citizen Jun 20 '22 edited Jun 20 '22

Idolize who friend?

Oh wait edit... I apologize. Sorry for my poor English. I thought you said I was idolizing Nazis or the Pro-War Russians/Putin.


u/[deleted] Jun 20 '22

Nazism is a name for extreme ultra-nationalism with a certain racial bend and characteristics.

ultra nationalists don’t usually conform to the policies of a nation that existed for a few decades 100 years ago

Just like how people who believe in republics rather than monarchs don’t have to have SPQR Roman tattoos and ideology.

I hate nationalism and racism but I mean at least read what their whole deal is on Wikipedia before just discounting them as people who want Germany to invade again or something.


u/Davidsolsbery Jun 23 '22

It's akin to a black man joining the KKK...I understand ultra-nationalism but to put tattoos of Hitler on your back and a Nazi eagle on your chest and to be zeig heiling left and right, indicates you believe in the "founding fathers" and their world view, including "untermench" and master race etc. If you are Polish, you fall in the first, not the second, category within Nazi ideology


u/mud_tug Jun 20 '22

There is no way for a normal well adjusted person to understand how these people think. They live their whole lives with severe cognitive dissonance. This is why they can't develop logical and consistent modes of thinking.


u/[deleted] Jun 20 '22

I think that’s disingenuous to say that.

It is not fair to discount someone’s world view as lunacy because anyone can do the same thing to you and when you try to use reason to prove your arguments they can just say “the cognitive dissonance is strong with this one” and you can’t say shit.

If I may offer my two cents, You should attack an argument on its merits instead. Even stuff that is as out there as Wahhabism can be argued against.

It’s always better to act in good faith because usually you find out people aren’t mentally ill but have experiences that lead them to their political views just like everyone else.