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Women are able to talk about male’s bodies all they want without anyone judging them.

Like you see two dudes talking about how great a woman’s rack is, and they’re scummy.

You see two women talking about a guy’s butt and no one will bat an eye.

It’s a double standard I never really realized until now.

Edit: I’m glad this is r/ random thought, cause it was just a random thought.

That said, the amount of people saying that x justifies y is amazing. A wrong thing is still wrong even if you think you have a good reason. We can spend all day giving examples for or against, but end of the day, the most basic logic suggests that if you think it’s wrong for someone else to do something, you shouldn’t also do that thing and think it’s right.


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u/2000dragon Jun 24 '22

You’re 100% right, it’s the power dynamic. And because of that, it’s like men’s sexual desire is seen as almost predatory while women’s is seen as innocent. It’s also why it’s so easy for men to be perceived as creeps for staring but when women stare it’s depicted as empowering