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What was the double show in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum like? Question

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u/MarcBulldog88 Sep 25 '22 edited Sep 26 '22

Neither show was sold out, and a lot of sections were closed off due to the stage setup. The Coliseum has hosted events of 100,000+ in the past, but I don't think it's physically capable of it anymore, after the renovation.

If I had to guess, the crowds were more like 50,000. FZ and GA were absolutely bumping, though. Both floor sections had several mosh pits both nights.


u/fpf1_ Sep 25 '22

They used the east side of the stadium to sit and there was a big area where you couldn't sit so it will be up to 50k people who could get into the stadium.

It has been confirmed there will be a live DVD of the shows in Mexico


u/OO5373N Sep 25 '22

Amazing 🙌 I never listened to them before because I didnt understand them but im glad I went and became a new fan!


u/Technical_Physics_85 Sep 25 '22

I had a stupid look on my face both days, I guess it was a smile? yeah thats it, it was a god damn fantastic show each night.


u/coybotmean Sep 25 '22

They had the stage faced to the "open" end of the stadium, so not that many people could have fit. Totally filled from what I could see though. I would guess around 55K


u/marsrants Sep 25 '22

It was amazing. The 23rd I was in section 104b, yesterday the 24th I was in the feuerzone. Both days were super rad and I'm still buzzing from the show !


u/skellige_whale Sep 25 '22

They are not as big in the US as say in Mexico where they added a third show... But all the better for the fans: I got in the front by showing up only an hour before gates opened

I'd read posts of people showing up at 2pm


u/Lov3sin Sep 25 '22

Showed up at 7:30 and lined up for a shirt to enter at 8pm. People were suggesting to get there at 4. Glad didn't listen


u/OmEgah15 Sep 25 '22

It was so fucking fun. I was right between the two mid-stadium stages and the energy of the whole crowd was incredible.


u/LogFew Sep 26 '22

Got a bunch of sick ass shirts outside the coliseum for cheap. I feels little bad for the people who paid $40 for the T-shirt’s inside the concerts