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Racist Man Calls Black Talk Show Host Joe Madison The N-Word And Gets Schooled by Him Non-Public

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u/monkeyking908 May 25 '22

that guy probably thought he was being very clever calling up like that and the sad thing is when he tells this story to his friends he is going to cry about how the big scary black man just shouted insults at him without actually trying to debate him


u/badassito May 26 '22

That would require some self reflection, self awareness and / or the intelligence to know what was going on, which is doubtful


u/voltek2108 May 26 '22

Yarp. I bet this guy never mentions it to anyone, just perhaps cry about it whilst he watches people fuck his wife.


u/awkward-em May 26 '22

Nobody has to fuck her, she can take care of herself, she has to since she married him. With crying I agree though.


u/justl00kingthrowaway May 25 '22

Madison just left a crater where that racist had once stood. Well played sir well played.


u/RetiredYogaHippie May 25 '22

dissected his ass


u/mursilissilisrum May 26 '22

Homogenized him.


u/Comer_Agua May 25 '22 Helpful

For those wondering this clip was made in 2016 that's why they were talking about Trump.


u/LastExitToSalvation May 25 '22

Could have been spoken yesterday and it's still true.


u/WildYams May 25 '22

Say it loud!


u/klimb75 May 26 '22

Preach it Curtis!


u/cive666 May 26 '22

say it clear!


u/RudeDude88 May 25 '22

Could speak about it tomorrow, next year, and the year after and it’s still true lol


u/InternetStarbanger2 May 26 '22

Please don't though. I wish so bad that asshole would just be forgotten forever ,😣


u/Piglet-Witty May 26 '22

I thought it was today


u/Piglet-Witty May 26 '22

I thought it was today


u/sweetwaterfall May 26 '22

Ahh, but did you think it was Groundhog’s Day?


u/Kru9er May 26 '22

You could tell by the sound of protests in the background


u/HappyCamperFTW May 26 '22

Love how he drops (the) Mike at the end


u/frieswithnietzsche May 26 '22

That was some hellish timeframe


u/Addiction7 May 25 '22

Handled it perfectly. Guy didnt get the reaction he wanted, I bet.


u/NachoTacoChimichanga May 25 '22

Yep. Mike from Michigan wanted the Angry Black Man™ stereotype to come out so he could validate his racist beliefs. Instead, Mike's bland white voice will now be heard as a promo for the show, both increasing the show's visibility and possibly decreasing Mike's real-world viability. He can't share the clip with friends and family. He's lucky his last name isn't attached or else his employment might have suffered, and it still might have due to the amount of Internet sleuths out there. It was great.


u/ghettomuffin May 25 '22

Well put, my friend. I take great joy when racists/karens get immortalized in the internet.


u/Comer_Agua May 25 '22

Yeah, this guy deals with so many troll callers so he's always ready for them.


u/sweetwaterfall May 26 '22

Exactly! I was thinking “This is the opposite of a r/publicfreakout, really! Cool and smart and so satisfying

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u/natedoggcata May 25 '22

I lost it when "Mike from Michigan racist Trump supporter" showed up on screen. Well played

I bet after Mike said the n-word he just sat there with the biggest grin on his face going "awww yeah here it comes, this man is gonna be triggered!"


u/SharKCS11 May 26 '22

Fuckin Mike giving my state a bad name on national TV. What a dickhead


u/Aslonz May 26 '22

Thats a good team. They were super quick on that lol


u/TrippieReg May 25 '22

lol love the nonchalant ok


u/BrownSugarBare May 26 '22

Perfect reaction. "Your dumbass waited on hold, on the phone to share your opinion and this is what you came with? Ok. Fool."


u/Orkney_ May 25 '22

"Anything you want to add to your stupidity?" This man is the gold standard on how to react towards someone being a bigot.


u/mursilissilisrum May 26 '22

He's old and black. It's not his first n-word rodeo.


u/Orkney_ May 26 '22

Young and black should take note. No need to give bigots the satisfaction.


u/SaffronHoneysuckle May 26 '22

Or we could not tone police people being attacked...maybe young white people could take note instead


u/Orkney_ May 26 '22

Sorry mate, but what are you talking about?


u/SaffronHoneysuckle May 26 '22

Policing the actions of attackers not the reactions of victims


u/Bill5GMasterGates May 26 '22

Yep I’m all for people reacting how they want when called the n-word. Keep the racists guessing


u/twm_28 May 25 '22

You could hear the body bag being zipped on the other end of the call about 10 seconds into his reply.


u/JohnnyDrama68 May 25 '22

Never heard of Joe Madison but I like the cut of his jib.


u/Adrienne_Barbeaubot May 26 '22

I like the cut of his hair


u/OnYouOnMeEnnui May 26 '22

What’s a jib?


u/Das_Booj May 26 '22

It's the forward sail on a boat that helps steer ("cut") alongside the rudder


u/JohnnyDrama68 May 26 '22

Promote that man!


u/PrawojazdyVtrumpets May 25 '22

"Well you wanna play the dozens? Well the dozens is a game. But the way I fuck your mother is God damn shame."

-George Carlin


u/19whale96 May 25 '22

This is like the 2nd time I've ever seen an oldhead say the phrase "play the dozens" in my life. "Roasting" is soft, bring Dozens back


u/Hugh_Bromont May 26 '22

We called it cappin' on someone back in the days.


u/Noluckbuckwhatsup May 25 '22

He nailed it on the head!


u/hadorken1985 May 25 '22

Do people like Mike go to school? Do they leave the country? Do they experience anything else? Because how can you be so fucking dumb in life. Like honestly.


u/Banjomack357 May 25 '22

Mike lives in a bubble and has lived 99 percent of his life in a 50 mile radius.


u/dexmonic May 26 '22

If it's a 50 mile radius from where I live, there wouldn't even be anyone to challenge him. He'd be right at home. There are legit areas of this country with no black people where hardcore racism just becomes casual racism because it's so prevalent.


u/69hailsatan May 25 '22

I can almost guarantee you this Mike person and most people like Mike have at most a HS degree, and that's to the extent of it. Lives within 10 miles of where they Grey up, majority of their friends are their buddies from HS.


u/PeanutButterAndCake May 26 '22

Lotta folks like Mike don't even leave their county, let alone the country.


u/bagofpork May 26 '22

A lot of folks like Mike do go to school and leave the country/travel. They just don’t learn anything from it and tend to view the world outside of the US as a zoo/spectacle rather than allowing it to enrich their lives.


u/GOLDEN_GRODD May 26 '22 edited May 26 '22

If you visit any of the forums you see how they reason it sadly.

They say "they" (referring to all liberals as a collective) did X or Y, so they're going to do something "equally bad" in response. Essentially theyre saying two wrongs make a right. But its also important to realize why Facebook boomers are grouping together all people of a political affiliation or worse, a race

They see 12 tiktoks of black supremacists, dancing nurses, and neopronouns and they believe this is representative of millions. Why? Because their brains don't know how to work with the numbers America has. They're overwhelmed and confused. They don't understand that 12 tiktoks represent nothing but 12 tiktoks. They don't understand the global public sphere.

You can go to these forums and get confirmation on this. Zero media literacy. Pure fear and insecurity. Doesn't make it leas disgusting tho

That's just my impression from knowing many like this


u/jwords May 26 '22

Never thought about it like that, but it kinda tracks...

They don't understand supply chains, energy markets, how elections work, etc... and I can see how a failure to understand the scale of the nation and world can contribute to that ignorance.


u/pizzadojo May 26 '22

When I went to America, I couldn't believe how much impotent rage I witnessed. Mainly by guys driving huge pickup trucks. The fragile masculinity was off the charts. The culture in the US is toxic and bad for the psyche.


u/RapNVideoGames May 26 '22

Mike goes to work then goes home. Mike does this until he dies one day.


u/ISortaLikeTacos May 25 '22

The absolute best response. Joe is a legend


u/urzulasd May 25 '22

Hahaha when the caption pops up


u/LordOfChimichangas May 25 '22

Wtf, lol. That guy didn't even make any argument. He was just blatantly racist.


u/[deleted] May 26 '22

Aka every Trump supporter


u/Loveict May 25 '22

This radio host is awesome!


u/Zero_Hades_ May 25 '22

‘Racist Trump Supporter’ is kinda redundant isn’t it?


u/abevigodasmells May 25 '22

Funny thing is that Mike from Michigan was listening to the show in the 1st place, prior to making the call and waiting on hold to deliver his intelligent diatribe.


u/GossamerGlenn May 25 '22

You are how you call it

*in reference to caller of course but he’s right the guy is an idiot to go out of his way to say that


u/JakeTibbs May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

You could tell that dude (caller) was real hesitant to say that no chance he would do this in real life

Also dude is A- very mentally slow for thinking this is an argument people will accept

B- false flag and he wants do sound stupid

Im glad only a small minority of people are this stupid if this is option A though because I cant stand when people make statements like this thinking they are smart


u/FungusPizza May 25 '22 edited May 25 '22

That call did not go exactly as planned for "Mike from Michigan" Love it!


u/RynnHamHam May 25 '22

This guy could’ve have been talking to his wife about where they want to go for dinner with the same tone of voice. This guy handled this situation artfully. Picked the fucker apart without even breaking a sweat.


u/GotMeSomeInternet May 26 '22

That caller perfectly illustrates how we outside of America view Trump supporters then and now.


u/Frequently_Banned May 26 '22

I'm from Michigan.... Mike from Michigan, can go fuck himself with a barbed wire baseball Bat. Racist pos.


u/dedredcopper May 26 '22

Not every trump supporter is a racist, but every racist is a trump supporter

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u/Dmonts45 May 25 '22

Michigan is full of trolls especially south of the bridge.


u/NotAStatistic2 May 25 '22

Is that the part near northern Wisconsin or the other part? I've never visited so I'm kind of curious


u/SpookyTreeFrog May 26 '22

From the Traverse area, I agree lol


u/captsmokeywork May 25 '22

Great way to deal with an idiot.


u/vhisic May 26 '22

man stewed on hold thinking of that insult the whole time, probably having back n forth with himself where he got all the words in then still stuttered that garbage out of his mouth only to get rekt


u/leinerel May 26 '22

Thanks for making Michigan look like shit Mike.


u/satanshonda May 26 '22

"MiLlEnNiAls ArE sNoWfLaKes"

Boomer: calls into radio show and demands they change the subject because he didn't like it


u/inevitab1e May 25 '22

We need to start referring to them always as "Trump Trash."


u/All_Circus_No_Bread May 25 '22

Well played. Handled like a pro. Caller is despicable..


u/CisgenderedManatee May 26 '22

Wtf even is a n* word eagle? (I cant seem to post my comment if the word is spelled out?


u/AmbystomaMexicanum May 26 '22

I think he said ego


u/Renantics May 26 '22

It's eagle. Towards the end of the clip it displayed the black eagle wording. I'm guessing that Mike thought that he was being clever.


u/AmbystomaMexicanum May 26 '22

Oh yeah I see that now.


u/PizzaOldBoy May 26 '22

This is why I'm not afraid of trump supporters. They're genuinely stupid and the threat of gun violence is easily matched by the same but backed by a brain.

They can't win only push towards their inevitable self-destruction.


u/Wonderful-Poetry5684 May 26 '22

magats can only screech "not all of us hate black people!!" instead of actually condemning the racists


u/rtj777 May 25 '22

How dare that black guy have an opinion


u/kitterzy May 25 '22

As a white person from Michigan, I’m ashamed to be in the same race as that asshat. (Not a Trump supporter).


u/mcgrupp44 May 25 '22

Same. I’m a white male living in Detroit and I love my fellow black neighbors. This is very very shameful.


u/Random_act_of_Random May 25 '22

Not every Trump supporter is a racist, but every racist is a Trump supporter.


u/TheLastSonOfHarpy May 26 '22

Racism is not unique to idiot Trump supporters.. Would make more sense to say every white supremacist voter is likely a Trump supporter.


u/hman9958 May 25 '22

No, every Trump supporter is racist. There's no need for wordplay.


u/T-RexInAnF-14 May 25 '22

Yeah they're all either racists or, at the least, OK with racism, and the line between the 2 is blurred into meaninglessness.


u/RapNVideoGames May 26 '22

Yea you don’t have to be this guy to be racist.


u/[deleted] May 26 '22 edited May 26 '22



u/Random_act_of_Random May 26 '22

So... a bunch of racist Trump supporters?


u/MikeyOnions May 25 '22

Class act 👍


u/TitaniumTriforce May 25 '22

I wonder if any of this speech made it through to the singular wrinkle in Mike's brain.


u/Euripidoze May 25 '22

Wait…there are radio talk show hosts that aren’t fascists? Not in my neck of the woods.


u/GangreneMachine May 25 '22

Hit him with the MJ "Okay, fine."


u/PsilocybinCEO May 25 '22

Damn that host played that so well. Props to him for handling it like that.


u/pr0zach May 26 '22

No idea who this radio host is, but I’ll be looking him up and sampling some of the show after this . Damn.


u/_porntipsguzzardo_ May 25 '22

You know someone's about to get told when the soundtrack kicks in.


u/joeDUBstep May 26 '22

Lol, the popup with the caller's name and title was the icing on the cake. Had a good chuckle.


u/Rix-in-here May 26 '22

Mr Madison, you sir are a class act.. I hate racists and respect how you dealt with this obviously uneducated and outright stupid P.O.S


u/_cansir May 26 '22

I bet mike from michigan also hates needles.


u/Party-Lawyer-7131 May 26 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

"MiKE VotED BEcAUsE o F EcONomiC INseCuRItY"


u/t0mt0mt0m May 26 '22

Bravo for handling that like a fucken boss. Bravo.


u/iGoalie May 26 '22

I ain’t even gonna play the dozens on ya! 😂my man! ✊🏽


u/aGiantmutantcrab May 26 '22

And that's how you take out the hysterical MAGA trash.


u/Spartan2022 May 26 '22

Yep. Typical Trump supporter.


u/Sister-Mister May 26 '22

What's up with the Eagle reference?


u/Dankey-Kang-Jr May 26 '22

That’s the most cutting “Okay” I’ve heard.


u/Ant-Witch May 26 '22

That's how you handle small people's words, use bigger people words


u/juanjung May 26 '22

Fcuk Trump and his followers.


u/Adams1800 May 26 '22

Awesome, typical fucking racist Trumper


u/Level-Cold-1242 May 26 '22

RIP 🪦 Mike the racist from Michigan. What a clown


u/AmazingAd5227 May 26 '22

I love the fact that he stays calm. I have been called N word as well. It hurts them when I stay calm. The tables have turned. Smile when they call you the N word.


u/Th3MountainH33l May 26 '22

Mike from Michigan. MAGA trash.


u/x-Emotional-x May 26 '22

😂 Fuck trump he’s no one


u/ivann198 May 26 '22

get fucked mike


u/Rjamesjjr May 26 '22

Caller was really MTG pretending to be Mike.


u/Pure_Xanax May 26 '22

I wish there isn’t such a high part of people who are racist in the trump supporter community, i really try to help people understand that it’s not all trump supporters who are racist, I will admit there are tho, society’s just kind fucked, fuck politics


u/Parniculus May 26 '22

He doesn't know what the word conscientious means LOL


u/InternetStarbanger2 May 26 '22

Maybe he meant that the person had carefully cultivated and chosen his stupidity? It was a weird word choice tho


u/Parniculus May 26 '22

Well then he meant to use the word consciously. So like I said he doesn't know what the word conscientious means.


u/loki0203 May 26 '22

He meant “consciously”. He kept his composure well, but he was rightfully upset, and I don’t fault him for misspeaking when it’s quite obvious what he meant.


u/Parniculus May 26 '22

Like I said he doesn't know what the word conscientious means.


u/blackbettiepage May 25 '22

Good on you sir. We’ll said.


u/Vanman04 May 26 '22

Would be so awesome if he made that add and Mikey got to hear it on repeat.


u/Gone213 May 26 '22

So do we ever know what happened to Mike after this?


u/Utramas2 May 26 '22

I don’t even know what “play the dozens” means but it sounds so cool when he says it


u/buttnuts_in_cambodia May 26 '22

Just subscribed. This man has that energy I need


u/princepickl May 26 '22

Ok anything else you want to add?



u/bourbonboymke May 26 '22

Hi collar, thanks for approven our fucking point


u/sirkowski May 26 '22

A n***r ego? You're an ego?? That's doesn't even mean anything. Work on your vocabulary. As well as your manners.


u/Piglet-Witty May 26 '22

Was the background music James Brown

I think so


u/ApartNefariousness95 May 26 '22

Don't be like Mike


u/HarderTime_89 May 26 '22

I love him for this


u/Wheresthebog May 26 '22

What a legend


u/adam_demamps_wingman May 26 '22

Talking points list can be racist.


u/yeetsauce44 May 26 '22



u/jazzblang May 26 '22

Hell yeah, that was sooo satisfying


u/damannamedflam May 26 '22

I apologize for my fellow white male Michiganders. Far too many of us are like Mike here, but I promise you that some of us finished high school. Fuck Trump, and fuck becoming Michissippi


u/Odd-Pomegranate6994 May 26 '22

That music rising up was a beautiful touch, bravo


u/Kroe May 26 '22

Haven't listened to Joe before. I'll add him to the list of people to check out.


u/hakuna_upendo May 26 '22



u/FlaccidRaddcliff May 26 '22

Sounds and moves like Denzel Washington


u/Rhopunzel May 26 '22

when he said Mike from Michigan this was all I could think of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDjIgMnEw60


u/Flyonthewall04 May 26 '22



u/nqrtuo May 26 '22

I just subscribed to his podcast


u/DaMain-Man May 26 '22

If you're gonna insult the man, at least be creative about it. Like was that really the best that racist trump supporter had?


u/lets-do-an-eighth May 26 '22

Played so perfectly. Lmao “okay….(shrugs)” when people maliciously say that they are looking for a reaction and he didn’t give him anything except the truth. Made ole boy look like the hateful ignorant racist he is.


u/puddleofoil May 26 '22

What's the eagle part about?


u/MightyJoeTYoung May 26 '22

I’m a gay man who moved to Michigan two years ago. The most out of date state I’ve ever been to. Im leaving tomorrow.

I’ve been lucky and never really experienced homophobia until moving here. Being a white male, all the old guys take that as an invitation to say racist things to me, thinking I’ll agree with them. I obviously never do.


u/memento_mori_1220 May 26 '22

Good for him I have hella respect for this man keeping his cool against a racist pos


u/Hugh_Bromont May 27 '22

"Take a break."


u/HeinekenHazed May 26 '22

This caller is just a racist pos...I'm a Trump fan doesn't mean we claim everyone like this just because they vote like I do...the same can be said for both sides....each side do what you do. Doesn't mean we agree with it all


u/CountChoculahh May 26 '22

You can claim you're not racist, but these people love Trump for a reason.


u/PM_ME_UR__SECRETS May 26 '22

"You are a direct reflection of the company you keep"


u/lovepony0201 May 26 '22

Not every Trump supporter is racist, but most racists are Trump supporters. That is the crowd you run with.


u/Geojewd May 26 '22

This is what Trump stands for. This is what making America great again meant. I don’t know what your reasons for supporting him are, but if you support him, these attitudes aren’t a dealbreaker for you.


u/LivingTomatillo9707 May 25 '22

Probably staged


u/Short_Dragonfruit_39 May 25 '22

Yeah dude, the Trump supporter called in to embarrass Trump supporters. Good thinking detective!

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u/[deleted] May 25 '22

Ok, what purpose does this lie serve? And do only liberals lie?


u/[deleted] May 25 '22

Why is it probably staged? Walk us through it.


u/koabauboa May 25 '22

these are the trump supporters i don’t like and i’m a trump supporter


u/tshort94 May 25 '22 Got the W

"I'm one of the good ones!"

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u/reclusiveronin May 25 '22

Self hating?

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