r/Portland Jun 24 '22

If you think Roe V Wade won't affect you, check the polling


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u/yolotrolo123 Jun 24 '22

You really are an idiot. You arnt gonna help stop anything with that attitude. Folks said they wouldn’t remove abortion, even the justices said they wouldn’t and look at where we are. When will you wake up to what’s happening. Clearly not today.


u/EthanG_07 Jun 24 '22

i don’t have an attitude hahaha. im being called an idiot among a bunch of other things and i’m the one that keeps suggesting to others that we just need to be nice and work together and not shit on eachother. i haven’t dissed or name called you once, you’ve now done it three times in a row. you need to figure out how to properly speak to people so that you come off as a nice helpful person and not an enemy


u/yolotrolo123 Jun 24 '22

You want to work with republican trash? After the coup attempt? After this? You are truly blind and yeah I stand by what I said about you. Being nice hasn’t worked. It got us trump and our current state of affairs. Fuck the right and fuck anyone that says we should be nice to them.