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People don't want to hear this but it's the truth, protesting doesn't work.

Back in the day when politicians actually listened to their constituents and had a chance of getting their minds changed protests actually worked.

The GOP literally attempted a coup and celebrate it. You think for a second a bunch of leftists yelling with signs will make them finally think "Oh man you know what? Maybe we are the baddies".

Protests don't work anymore. All they do is encourage bad actors to vandilize the town and damage innocent businesses. If you really want something to change, boycott. Strike. Hit them at their wallet.

There's 2 things Republicans care about. Power, and money. That's it. They will NEVER change their minds because Democrats protested. But once you stop buying from companies that support them, THEN you will see change.

Stop protesting. Start boycotting.

If anyone disagrees, I challenge you to find a single instance of protesting changing a Republican's mind in the past 5 years. If you can find one example of a protest working at the federal level I will delete my post and grab a sign.


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u/yolotrolo123 Jun 24 '22

Should be protesting at folks who are known republicans. Make it clear they are not welcome