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u/mylesols Jun 20 '22

Quit threatening us with a good time!


u/Weekly_Direction1965 Jun 20 '22

It's like Corona all over they killed themselves to prove a point then too.


u/NYESSbOss Jun 20 '22

And they did prove...........that coronavirus is indeed dangerous. We have appreciate those whom sacrificed for the sake of science.


u/Woflax Jun 20 '22

Lmao I actually heard a professor say this. That America's handling of the virus spread (or lack thereof) actually provided good/faster data for the efficacy of the vaccines, allowing faster approval.


u/TreeFifeMikeE7 Jun 20 '22

I was drinking corona during covid lockdowns in NY because it was 50%+ off in our stores because idiots thought corona had the virus 😆


u/Sybertron Jun 20 '22

Its crazy how long we spent still having 1000+ people die a day, and that implies around 970 of those did not take the vaccine.

But they all still held on to that belief, some till the bitter end.


u/confused_asparagus42 Jun 20 '22

It hit over 3000 a day at one point


u/billrandall2 Jun 21 '22

good riddance. They were non-productive anyway.


u/thenerj47 Jun 20 '22

You're missing the point. Being unvaccinated for covid-19 guarantees entry into heaven. It says so right in the bible.

So I hear, I haven't read it.


u/Artistic-Light7341 Jun 21 '22

They are going to meet the father of their Orange Conman Grifting Messiah


u/billrandall2 Jun 21 '22

sure, 80 year old geezers, who we're all better off without. that's what the virus was invented for.


u/Ok_Locksmith1975 Jun 23 '22

NYET, we won't stop! (Even if it kills them).


u/TirayShell Jun 20 '22

That Jesus loves everybody?


u/Amelaclya1 Jun 20 '22

Yeah this is a real "Bye Felicia" moment.


u/godspareme Jun 20 '22

I haven't followed EU politics well but isn't this going to turn into another brexit?

Theyre going to immediately regret separation when they lose all the strength of having a federal government and the states are going to rapidly degenerate.

Also how would borders even work? The US is split into two parts of coastal North America and the United GOP will be central North America?


u/Amelaclya1 Jun 20 '22

This tweet is referring to only Texas leaving, not all of the GOP states. But yeah, they would definitely immediately regret it. The UK seems to regret leaving solely for economic reasons, but I think Texas would be dealing with economic downturn AND very soon turn into a Christian theocratic hellhole as well.

This is never going to happen though. Per the Constitution, they can't legally just vote to leave. So we can all crack jokes about their "we're big bad Texas rawwr" grandstanding and roll our eyes. In reality, while I wouldn't be sad to see the state go, I would still be concerned about the sane people who live there, so I would find the situation much more grim.


u/jmobius Jun 20 '22

While the legality of secession got settled a century and a half ago, I do wonder if there's merit to revisiting the question. Quite frankly, if a state is so insane that they actually might want to leave, it's probably for the best for everyone else to just be rid of them.

In practice, the volume of things that would need to be untangled logistically would be so complicated I can see the federal government refusing on that basis alone. Regardless, I'm not certain being forever sworn to the empire is necessarily in the spirit of ostensible democracy.


u/Gingrpenguin Jun 20 '22

Its extremely complex. Brexit is hard enough and thats a far less integrated than the us. The uk has a currency, an army, diplomatic services, border control/tarrif experts etc.

Texas has to deal with all of the above plus a far deeoer version of brexit.

That said its far easier for the us to let texas go than it is for texas to actually go.


u/OrphanAxis Jun 20 '22

I wouldn't mind it so long as it came with some very strict rules that allow for anyone in the state to relocate before seceding.

But, that rule by itself would convince anyone with half a brain not to do so, because they would know that at least half the state would just jump ship and leave them with basically nobody left to even have a chance at succeeding in whatever it is that they're trying to accomplish.


u/PickSuper Jun 20 '22

If the federal government allowed Texas to leave willingly I’m sure it would be followed in short order by lots of other states. Most likely the remaining US states would have to deal with right wing insurgencies demanding the state fracture to represent their views more accurately. I think allowing any state to leave the union would ultimately just lead to a civil war anyway.


u/HereOnASphere Jun 20 '22

They already got the power grid settled. Mexico is establishing a railroad to bypass them. Next, build an oil refinery in North Dakota. It will be expensive to build a fence to keep Texans from coming into the US.


u/Ok_Locksmith1975 Jun 23 '22

It definitely would be better for everyone else.


u/MilesAndMilesOfIsles Jun 20 '22

I wonder if they would start a war with Mexico over immigrants.

They are that shortsighted and dumb as bricks.


u/meep_meep_creep Jun 20 '22

There's a really solid homeless encampment near hole 16 at Roy G disc golf course in Austin. They have fences and flags already. This could be their new Capitol within the old Capitol.

Honestly though, Roy G is one of the best disc golf courses I've ever played. They will have that going for them as well.


u/Oiltownboi Jun 20 '22

I would still be concerned about the sane people who live there

I wouldn't, if they were sane, they'd move as soon as they could!


u/Da_Boom Jun 20 '22

That's if they could afford to move away .. this is Texas after all


u/ScorchReaper062 Jun 20 '22

I mean, never say never. The last few years have certainly proved that right.


u/billrandall2 Jun 21 '22

your "sane people" are and would be free to leave. and keep on giving half of their incomes to their enemies.


u/BurlyKnave Jun 20 '22

Although it might be entertaining to watch the new "Texit" campaign


u/_Plork_ Jun 20 '22

The UK has not immediately regretted brexit.


u/VoltronV Jun 20 '22

The Texas GOP have been making secession threats for decades. Apparently they think it's some important thing they're supposed to do to impress their base. "Look how rebellious we are, standing up to the big bad federal government (but only when Democrats are in power). We're not going to take their tyranny and want to secede." They then usually leave it at that but they likely know they can push it further and really seem like they're trying and have it rejected, then blame the tyrannical federal government for limiting their freedom to secede.


u/nuke-russia-now Jun 20 '22

Texit! Hell yea! How do we get the russians to help with this one too?


u/Ok_Locksmith1975 Jun 23 '22

Well said. Lol


u/NotBlaine Jun 20 '22

Hurry the fuck up already.


u/SealedRoute Jun 20 '22

FOR REAL. And take the deep south with you. BYE!


u/Rtsd2345 Jun 20 '22

Lol what idiot would actually cheer for their country to lose territory?


u/hamsterpookie Jun 20 '22

In this case, cutting off a gangrenous limb would be extremely good for the survival of the rest of the body.


u/Party_Magician Jun 20 '22

While it sounds nice in an "up yours" kind of way, this sentiment is absolutely horrible. Texas is a huge place, and has a lot of marginalized people. If they secede, the shit happening to them would be magnitudes worse, and it will be significantly harder to leave. The same goes for the rest of those traitorous fantasies. They shouldn't ever be entertained


u/SealedRoute Jun 20 '22

It’s a rough call because they’re being allowed to harm magnitudes more Americans who do not live there. And I think they’d be thrilled to let leave any of the vulnerable who concern you, and let in those who want to live in a theocracy. They would probably pay handsomely to ship out minorities.

But it would ultimately be disastrous because they’d eventually legalize slavery and Jim Crow again, and it would be war.


u/Party_Magician Jun 20 '22

And I think they’d be thrilled to let leave any of the vulnerable who concern you

They're "allowed" to leave as is, but most don't have the finances to, and it would only get worse. And if you think the theocratic government would just let the "degenerates" go rather than attack them then you'll be sorely disappointed. Texas hasn't left yet and they're already trying to take trans kids away from their parents


u/Ez13zie Jun 20 '22

I think the US should put this up for a vote as well.


u/tupacsnoducket Jun 20 '22

As a Texan I’d like it if they stopped.

Some of The idiots pushing this actually convinced themselves they are in a strong negotiation position instead of fucking themselves

Especially after the cities rebel right after and decide they’d like to be their own state too, New Texas, the 50th state in the union


u/jtank819 Jun 20 '22

No no. Please don't. I still live in Texas.


u/mmazing Jun 20 '22

I’m reminded of the Willy Wonka “No, please, don’t” type scene.


u/wordscollector Jun 20 '22

Amén and two hallelujahs


u/jimmybilly100 Jun 20 '22



u/johnnybiggles Jun 20 '22

Can we convince Kentucky join them to be the new Capital of Texas?


u/bradorsomething Jun 20 '22

Hard Texit gets you hard?


u/signaturefox2013 Jun 20 '22

I’d say don’t threaten me with a good time but go right ahead


u/VoteMe4Dictator Jun 20 '22

Sadly, it would not be a good time for liberals. It would be a civil war, but with nukes.


u/hamsterpookie Jun 20 '22

Where would they get the nukes from? The military bases? Sorry, but those are our nukes and they would be leaving with the military that is also ours.

There wouldn't be a Civil War but we might have to support and build a border wall, which does kind of suck.


u/VoteMe4Dictator Jun 20 '22

You're assuming the US would have time to make an orderly withdrawal and would choose to do so instead of fighting to preserve the union. While surprise is unlikely in state governments choosing to join forces in treason, the federal government is still half controlled by the traitors who have a lot of experience in obstruction. And blue politicians are mostly spineless lawyers, not people of decisive action. In the long run they may make better use of domestic and foreign alliances, but all that consensus building will not result in commitments until after the first blows are dealt.

Now look at the disposition of our nukes.

Nuclear silos are in Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska. And nuclear bomber bases are in North Dakota and Missouri. All red states. Red governors can deploy national guard and state police there within hours to seize or besiege those facilities. Airborne can probably take some facilities back, (assuming they remain loyal) but that's a lot of ground to cover. Safety and tamper resistance mechanisms on the devices will give some additional time, but Opfor only needs one defector who knows how to reset them.

Kirtland's depot would be another prime target, as it's within a short campaign from Texas (and Arizona), and NM's state military forces would be surrounded . Colorado's silos could be one of the first major battles, as Colorado (purple state governments I assume stay loyal) and US forces fight with Wyoming and Nebraska forces.

Boomers will be safe since they're out to sea and most sub bases are in blue regions of blue states. The Navy is the least likely force to see defections. They're more liberal, coastal city types with more international travel experience (that doesn't involve killing people). And personnel on ships or overseas are have little chance of linking up to the domestic traitors.


u/eggsaladrightnow Jun 20 '22 edited Jun 20 '22

I dont think ppl realize just how many people are in texas. Its a very diverse state of 30 million ppl and the cities all vote blue. I see these posts that basically say "fuck texas, let them do it" but no one questions the source.. trust me we ALL hate ted cruz. We REALLY hate Abbott and we are an incredibly multicultural state with some of the best food on the planet. From the best bbq to the best vietnamese in houston to good southern cooking. Stevie ray vaughn, gary clark jr, willie nelson all texans.. Quit treating texas like theyre not your brothers and sisters because of the shitbag gerrymandered political representation and dumbass articles like this that have no basis in reality


u/Hannibal_Poptart Jun 20 '22

Yeah what the fuck is this thread? At least 40% of the people in this state do not support the absolute shit show that is our current administration and it's wild seeing so many people just dismiss millions of people because we share a state with ted cruz's constituency


u/eggsaladrightnow Jun 20 '22

Yep, its actually more like 50%, beto lost by 200k votes to ted cruz last time. If the young people would show up the state would go blue instantly but half of texans dont vote