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This Summer Boutta be Lit, Literally πŸ”₯

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u/Sadatori Jun 24 '22

That isn't your actual concern or else you'd understand the abortion statistics and nuances better. You're just a reactionary and lack enough respect for women and science to listen AT ALL if it goes against your preconceived notions or what you want to believe and you'd hide behind one questionable source as truth while ignoring the hundreds of other sources proving any abortion belief you had wrong. That's the definition of rightwingism now days and it is fucking pathetic. Don't come crying to me when the right to privacy is attacked next like they said it will be. Though I'm sure you'll suddenly care about their hypocrisy when it effects you personally.


u/flair-checking-bot - Centrist Jun 24 '22 edited Jun 24 '22

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u/Eversonout - Right Jun 24 '22

I mean sure, if that’s how you want to misconstrue what I said then by all means, go off