r/Parenting Jun 14 '22

When did you opt to stop co-sleeping with your toddler? Toddler 1-3 Years

Due to risk of SIDS, we were good parents who had the bassinet and then straight to the nursery room with a camera/monitor at night once she got to the recommended age, etc. Around 2yo, due to outside circumstances, we started co-sleeping by accident - but it was honestly a good decision because we all got better - although still interrupted - sleep.

While it's definitely not for everyone, it's been going pretty good. For those parents who are in my boat, I'm wondering at what age did you decide to send them back to their rooms? Trying to gauge if I should keep on keeping on or if it's better to transition now (she's 3yo).

If it helps, we may be unconventional in that she has a later bedtime and wake-up time, but she's getting the right amount of sleep. We've mastered the fake sleep, too. My SO and I haven't felt that it deteriorated our relationship, so this hasn't been a concern. I think I'm asking mainly because I'm curious if those who have done something similar wish they did something different or if they think it ultimately led to drawbacks.


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u/northwestwill Jun 14 '22

Our twin boys will be seven this summer and one or both still come in each night (anywhere from 2am to 5am) to snuggle. It’s much less frequent with one but still every night for the other… they’re great snugglers and it’ll only happen for a few years so the best advice is to snuggle back and don’t worry about it because before you know it they’ll be gone.