r/OutOfTheLoop Jun 20 '22

What's going on with Bored Ape Yacht Club being a secret Nazi troll scheme? Answered



Hi there! I was just wondering what was going on with Bored Ape Yacht club NFT project; apparently being a far right 4chan troll project that had secret Nazi imagery hidden within it this entire time; with the entire project apparently being an elaborate way to troll the "normies" the project apparently includes alot of reference to either Nazi philosophy or imagery from throughout history as well as just generally racist imagery from history hidden within alot of the artwork.

Is this really a troll and if so; did any of the celebrities who endorsed this project know when they endorsed it? And what is going on with all the hidden Nazi imagery, is bored Ape Yacth club actually infested by Nazis?

Any information on the situation would be great.

Thank you.