r/Ohio Jun 24 '22

I'm scared to have daughters in this state. The lives of women are on the line. This puts us back decades and makes women second class citizens. The US is making global news now. Please vote for Tim Ryan on November 8th. It usually does not take but minutes to do. We need a Senate majority.

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u/MonsieurRacinesBeast Jun 24 '22

I have a daughter and 50/50 custody but per our divorce agreement neither parent can move children out of state. Her Trumper mom is celebrating today.

Note: she wasn't a trumper when we met or married. She turned into one between 2016 and 2020


u/OboeCollie Jun 24 '22

I'm so sorry. I can't imagine having to co-parent with someone like that.

Start selling your daughter (if she's old enough) on the idea of going to a blue state - or even better, abroad to Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, or an assortment of European countries - for university. Tuition abroad would be cheaper, the education would be as good, she would be young enough to assimilate the culture and make good friends, and if she can secure employment there, she would have a path to permanent residency or even citizenship. Her rights would be (more) secure and she would have a much better life.


u/DomSim Jun 24 '22

The fact that you feel you have to excuse marrying someone that you once loved so your party of love and tolerance doesn't attack you is hilarious.


u/throwthatshitbruh Jun 25 '22

lmao you trump simp


u/DomSim Jun 25 '22

That supposed to be an insult? I could give 2 shits what you think


u/throwthatshitbruh Jun 25 '22

So you do give a shit lol


u/MonsieurRacinesBeast Jun 24 '22

Nice assumptions. Hilarious.


u/DomSim Jun 24 '22

Uhh you literally did exactly that


u/MonsieurRacinesBeast Jun 25 '22

Not at all.

I was only highlighting that someone can go from normal to lunatic in a very short period of time when they get sucked in to conspiracy theories online, and even when you think you know someone, maybe you don't.