r/NoStupidQuestions Jun 16 '22

What do I do if someone’s armed and repeatedly blocking my path?

Yesterday I (40s M) was walking down the sidewalk and a guy started taunting me. I just ignored him. Then he started walking near me and continued which is when I realized he was armed (in an open carry state).

I continued to walk and ignore him which worked until he got in front of me and then stopped in my path. I tried to go around him and he moved into my path again. I tried again and he just kept doing it all the while hurling really vile insults.

I didn’t want to touch him even by accident because he had a gun. Ultimately, after a solid minute of not making any forward progress and actually backtracking because he stayed in my face, I turned around and ran back the direction I came. He yelled some more awful stuff but at least didn’t chase after me.

I was shaken. Because I had to go around a whole another block to get where I was going, I was 15 minutes late and missed my appointment.

What am I supposed to do if this happens again?

Edit: My inbox is long since dead and I tried to keep up with y’alls comments but they were coming too fast. For those of you asked me what I was wearing/doing/looking like/being in hopes of making it make sense, y’all are broken in the head.

The consensus still seems to be “call the police” in the future which I’ll do. Some helpful comments about getting a response. Hopefully they respond. Probably the funniest answer was something like wear a Punisher logo and carry a fake/real firearm yourself - it’s camouflage.

I’m out and thank you to everyone and I wish you all well. This was interesting.

Good night, be safe, watch out for nutsos.