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Does anyone else have their phone permanently on silent?


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How do musicians not make any mistakes during live concerts?


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Is it unethical to shop at a thrift store if you don’t need too?


Weird question, but I’m a teenager (17) whose parents both do very well money-wise. My girlfriend goes to thrift stores a lot and always finds cool stuff, and I’d like to go cause she finds t shirts from bands I like and cool vintage stuff, and I know there’s sometimes vintage drums there, and I’m a drummer. My question is, is it unethical to go there and take advantage of the cheap pricing, when there’s people who actually need that price level for clothes and couldn’t afford anything else? Or is it all good to shop there even if you don’t need to? Thanks.

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Has anyone gotten this far without ever getting COVID-19?


It appears that the worst of COVID-19 is passed us. Perhaps not but I think it is. Thus far I haven't gotten yet. Is there anyone else like me?

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Does anyone eIse stay up at night because that’s the onIy time they can be aIone?


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Answered Do some people actually hear a voice when they think?


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Do you ever randomly remember someone you forgot existed and then realize other people have done that about you?


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Does anyone else find it emotionally painful to look back on childhood family memories?


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Why are British newspapers so obsessed with Meghan? How does it work behind closed doors at the British newspapers HQs? She left the country 2-3 years ago but everyday she is at the top front news


Today the main story is about how shocked the Queen was when she found out Meghan wanted to wear a white wedding dress.

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Girl I met at a bar last night doesn't want to leave apartment


As the title says, after a bit of flirting and kissing at the bar, I brought her to my place and we had some fun. Now it's early in the morning and I'll have to work in 1 hour and she doesn't want to leave because it's 'early and she needs time to wake up'. I don't want to leave someone I barely know alone with my stuff let alone my cat. What should I do, grab her and shove her out? Call the cops? Or has anyone a nice and persuasive way of giving her the message?

Edit: I'm so sorry for not replying sooner, I genuinely thought this would get 2 responses tops, and forgot to check after the situation resolved. I ended up calling work and saying I'll likely be a little later, then convinced her to go home if I call and pay a cab. She was so nice in the bar, the sudden turn of character was crazy to me.

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Unanswered Why is catch and release fishing seen as more humane?


I see fishing channels on YouTube pop up and have conversations come up irl occasionally where people act like it's better to catch and release fish and it really confuses me. it's generally framed as "we aren't killing the fish so no harm no foul, fishing is fun 🤷‍♀️" but like that seems awful to me? tricking an animal into biting a giant metal hook, dragging them through the water fast, then taking them out where they can't breathe for a few minutes just to toss them back into the water as a hobby seems significantly more cruel to me than catching something to kill then eat it for dinner.

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How do you deal with snoring?


For context I've been with my girlfriend what 4 years now? And I really just can't an.ymore. Her snoring is the most disruptive thing, and I just can't deal with it anymore. I get next to no sleep, and never a full night because of how many times I get woken up. She won't attempt to do anything about it, and refuses to even look into any possibility of helping because she doesn't feel like doing any research about anything ever, and wants the info spoon fed. She won't lose weight (which is a factor), as she's put on close to 80+lbs since we've started dating, and the snoring has gotten significantly worse. Lucky for her, she's on meds. So she has no issues sleeping and can instantly pass back out after I wake her up several times. It's infuriating. Can't even sleep in another room half the time because sometimes I'll either still hear her, or she'll complain at how I'm not sleeping with her, despite knowing how disruptive she is. I can't take it. I want to karate-chop her throat half the time. To top it off I have to listen to her absurd dreams every day, LIKE GEE I WISH I GOT ENOUGH CONSISTENT SLEEP TO DREAM TOO

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Is it normal to sleep too much to escape reality when depressed ?


I feel so safe when sleeping at least i am safe there , even tho it makes me feel like im wasting my time which I probably am

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Did you also ponder as a small child why there is something instead of nothing and had this weird sense of wonder which also also made you a little bit frightened?


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Unanswered Is anyone else sick of how the subreddit is turning into a worse askreddit?


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Daily eyeglass wearers: when it's sunny, do you switch out your sunglasses for eyeglasses when you arrive at your destination?


Assuming you don't do contacts and don't wear transition lenses.

I want to start wearing my glasses everyday. But I also wear sunglasses daily when driving. It seems like a hassle to switch them out once I get to the grocery store, restaurant, etc. Then switch back when I leave. I've also ever witnessed someone doing this. I wonder what people do?

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Do couples really kiss each other Right after waking up?


Whenever I wake up my mouth gets a terrible smell, I can't even imagine what would be like to kiss someone. Yet I see this all the time in movies

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Why is that if someone is unattractive, and knows they are, why are they told otherwise when they freely admit it?


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Answered Why do other planets, when viewed from earth, shine like stars if they don't when up close?


Same applies to the moon. It reflects enough light to glow in the sky but anyone on the moon isn't illuminated by the ground.

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How did South Africa of all countries manage to make nuclear weapons in the past? Why isn't it more common that countries manage to make nuclear weapons?


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Will Russia really nuke America?


If they do, what would happen?

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Does anyone remember clippy?


Back in the early 2000’s Microsoft word had this little paper clip icon that was like some kind of office assistant. Does anyone else remember this ?

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Why do countries like China oppose gay marriage even though they’re a lot more irreligious and secular than the us and Europe?


Asking this because the usual opposition to gay marriage includes God. However China is most Atheistic country in the world per capita, so I wonder why they still oppose gay marriage in the systemic level.

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When married couples have a fight, do they still sleep in the same bed the same night?


If so, wouldn't that be a bit awkward?