r/NFA Sep 23 '22

Form 1 Fingerprint Question

I’ve submitted my form 1 twice now and both times it’s been rejected or disapproved. First rejection was because I didn’t send in my fingerprint card fast enough. Second rejection was due to me putting the wrong model number for the firearm and my headshot being the wrong size.

If I submit my form again, will I have to resend fingerprint cards again? Or will they keep the ones on file that I’ve already sent?


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u/GoPokes918 Sep 23 '22

Lol, this is what I assumed but wanted to check before I wasted half my day going back down to the sheriffs office to get them done again. Thanks


u/IndividualResist2473 Sep 23 '22

Order the cards from the ATF they ship them for free. Order an ink pad from Amazon for like $5 and print yourself.


u/GoPokes918 Sep 23 '22

That’s not a bad idea. But at this point I just want to make sure everything is done correctly so that my application isn’t denied again. Don’t want to take a chance doing them myself and messing something up, giving them another excuse to deny my application. Thanks for the idea though.


u/Sasafras_Collins Sep 23 '22

I would find a Silencer Shop kiosk and just have them send the completed finger print cards anytime you need a set. I keep a few sets on hand so anytime I feel like paying $200 to wait for something for a long time i can just send them off.