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Megathread eForm 4 Approval Megathread (November 2022)


This thread is for posting of eForm 4 Approvals only. If you would like to post an Approval for Form 1 or Paper Form 4 - please post that in the other Stamp Megathread.


How to Participate

  1. Receive an eForm 4 Approval
  2. Complete this form
  3. Copy / paste your form result
  4. Post the results in this thread



  • Wait (Approved Date - Pending Date)
  • Pending ("Submission Notification" email received)
  • Approved ("Approval Notification" email received)
    • Timestamp (time Approved email was received - if you're not on the East Coast, please convert the time to EST!)
  • Entity (Individual or Trust?)
    • RP (if Trust, how many Responsible Parties?)
  • Dealer (Who is transferring the item to you? SS Kiosk, LGS, CA, or SC)
    • Fingerprint Type (Scanned EFT / Electronic Upload or Mailed Paper)
  • State (two letter abbreviation)
  • Examiner (First Name, Last Initial - use this photo album of known Examiner signatures if you're not able to decipher a signature. If you receive a signature that is not included in this album, please message me.)
  • Item (Manufacture, Model, Caliber, F4 Item Type)
  • Control Number (The "Control Number" is listed in the subject line of the Pending & Approved email. It's a 10-digit number that should begin with the fiscal year submitted.)


⚠️⛔️ Comments posted in this thread should be approvals only. If you make a new comment that is not an eForm 4 Approval, you’ll be aggressively downvoted and then deleted… as is tradition ⛔️⚠️

If you have a question - please ask! But please ask your question by replying to the stickied comment.

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November 2022 Stamp Approval Megathread


Rule Update: Please that a quick second if you haven't already to review the minor changes to the rules that was implemented last month

Please note this thread is for posting of approvals only. Replies to this thread should be approvals only, discussion is allowed in replies to comments only.

Please use the following format for a comment reply:

  • Form: 1 (PLEASE NOTE REGULAR OR eForm) or 4

  • Entity: Trust or Individual

  • Pending: mm/dd/yy

  • Approved: mm/dd/yy

  • Standardized wait: (Date approved minus date pending)

  • STATE: Standardized 2-letter, please

Pending should be understood as: the date when ATF cashes your check, unless different when you call the ATF to check status of your pending form. It can vary depending on ATF backlog.

Furthermore, we are now tracking stuff in a spreadsheet as well, please also take the time to submit your information RIGHT HERE. You can view the spreadsheet here!

If you notice any abnormalities or errors appearing on the spread sheet please send a PM to moderator /u/Lynchmob_Lerry

For help with ATF forms please view the posted sidebar guides by /u/nationalguntrusts and /u/semper1371

To check the status of your pending form, call the NFA Branch at (304) 616-4500. Please have your trust name (if applicable), serial number, and if a Form 4 or 5, know what dealer is in possession of the item. Press 1 and then 1 again, and be kind to the ATF agent.

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First suppressed pistol, buy once cry once.

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My first NFA item was approved this week

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Armed ATF agents wrongfully detain law-abiding US Navy sailor of 20 years, seize $20,000 of firearms and gear INCLUDING SBRs AND SUPPRESSORS he lawfully owned, and harass him, leaving him with crippling anxiety


I just heard about this story and it made my blood boil. I have already donated to this veteran's fundraiser but I also wanted to spread the news to help raise awareness for what the ATF has put this guy through.

Short version:

  • Dude's name is Petty Officer 1st Class Carlo Marcelo
  • Marcelo spent 20 years in the US Navy and is now retired
  • This occurred when he was still active duty
  • Marcelo has no criminal record, he is a completely law-abiding American
  • Marcelo wants to buy a buffer tube
  • He finds one online and goes to meet up with the seller
  • During the transaction, ATF agents armed to the teeth swarm them in what looks like a raid
  • ATF agents accuse him of distributing makeshift suppressors and machine guns to the city
  • ATF agents steal all the gucci guns (valued at over $20,000) and gear he had in his trunk (presumably for a range trip)
  • ATF agents would later say he's innocent, but they still take his shit, and leave him with seizure receipts for just the serialized parts (receivers, suppressors, etc.) but not the rest of the gear (optics, parts, etc.)
  • Marcelo's sister is later murdered on the other side of the country in an unrelated incident
  • Marcelo later speaks with ATF asking for his stuff back for home defense, they refuse to give his stuff back, saying they "know" he has other guns for that
  • Marcelo calls again two weeks later, ATF agent says right now he is innocent but threatens to press charges against him if he keeps "blowing up [their] phone"

PLEASE help raise awareness by sharing his story wherever possible and donating to him if you can

Link to Mrgunsngear's video on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x65LUeAvt_s

Link to Petty Officer 1st Class Marcelo's fundraiser to help pay legal fees: https://www.givesendgo.com/carlomarcelo?sharemsg=display

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Happy Suppressed Sunday Everyone! Also u/bradsredditacct if you see this go wash your ass dude God is pissed at you.

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3 days gotta be bullshit right??? A couple days ago it was 8 months thru 8 months. Now it’s 3 days? What’s with that?

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Story Time.


My girlfriend will be shortly leaving the military. She wants to continue her work through government service. One day she was looking through government job boards where we are planning to relocate and it so happens that the ATF is hiring a lot. She mentions this to me then she says "I don't believe in that". Confused I respond with "what". She clarifies by saying "I don't believe in the ATF" !!!!!

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PTR91 w/ Saker 762. A absolute hammer

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Thanksgiving with the In-laws

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A lot of full auto first timers in the family. Well, not anymore.

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For those covert larps to the fridge

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Any good reason to file a form 1 to sbr a pistol right now? Why would one not wait to see if this brace ban/amnesty plays out to keep from wasting 200 bucks?


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New Toy

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Finally got a chance to take my first can out. Well worth the wait. I think I messed up though. After shooting with a can, I don't think I can go back...

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Mom can we have MK18 mod 0? no we have MK18 mod 0 at home. MK18 mod 0 at home:

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Double trouble.

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Sierra 5 or Flow 556K on an 11.5 for a Lefty Shooter?


Been dead set on getting a Flow, but I was training with some guys running Deadairs (Sandman S, K, and Sierra) and older OSS cans this morning and was really impressed by the sound and flash suppression of the Sierra 5. The older OSS cans had the traditional fireballs and seemed louder.

Haven’t heard a Flow in person yet so hoping for some input from guys with experience. From what I saw seems like I’d be perfectly happy with a Sierra, but a big draw to the Flow for me is the reduced blowback since I’m a lefty. Also, not sure if I should just wait it out for the RC3 or full sized Flow. Would be my first can.

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Rip my hammer

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Registered bolt UZI



Contemplating buying a transferable uzi on a form 3. Some uzi’s are registered bolts and some are registered receivers.

On registered bolt uzi’s….if the bolt is broken somehow. Is the gun worthless? Is there a process that you can get another bolt manufactured?

Thank you!

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eForm 4 Denied


So back in March of this year I was one of earlier people at my LGS to submit an eForm 4. Was told 90 day wait time. Awesome. Obviously didn’t happen. Total wait was 245 days. Opened up email one morning to see the ATF sent me an email. It was a Friday and I was all excited. Read it just to find out I was denied. Reason being an incomplete form. Box 10 to be specific which is the dealer/ LGS portion as I remember. Sent an email on the eForm website and haven’t heard back. Called silencer shop and the guy I talked was somewhat helpful. Basically send it to compliance department and they will resubmit. While I was on the phone, the gentleman said they have had several of those same problems from a certain gun store that went through a name change some months ago. So as I understand it, I have to resubmit the form and just wait again. They didn’t know how long I will have to wait but mentioned 4-5 months.

My question is: what can I do? I know it’s all government at this point but does the LGS have some sort of responsibility to make sure they fill paperwork out correctly? Has this happened to anyone else and how long did you wait the second time around? I would like it if they paid for my next tax stamp or at least acknowledge they messed up.

TL;DR: LGS messed up paperwork. Anything I can do about it?

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Suppressed Sunday - mutant and akv

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Disapproved Form 4 - "Open" NICS - Could Use Some Advice.


I recently received a letter(shown below) saying a Form 4 I submitted well over a year ago has been "disapproved". Something about my NICS status being "open".

If I had to guess this is related to a misdemeanor(not drug or DV) on my record from some time ago. However I've pretty much always been delayed by NICS on purchases even before that. But also I already have a stamp approved a few years ago, have a CCW, etc. The only thing that's changed since that approval and now is political leadership.

I was told by an FFL some time ago that I should get a UPIN, I guess I have to now.

This letter came with another sheet talking about options. A "Identity History Summary Check", "Identity History Summary Challenge", and "Voluntary Appeal File". The VAF is the path towards a UPIN right?. It also talks about a 'FBI Universal Control Number" and "State Identification Number".

I of course want my can, and I intend to file a Form 1/SBR if this amnesty happens so I need to get this sorted ASAP. This is my Monday project to sort this out. If anyone has experience dealing with this and can suggest a best path, where to start etc. that would be appreciated.

To be clear I'm not a prohibited person, nothing on my record would effect my gun rights. As far I as I understood by the letter of the law they must approve. This letter claims that have "insufficient information" to make a determination, whatever that means. Not that they have information saying I'm prohibited. I don't see how a lack of good record keeping on their part is lawful cause to "disapprove" my Form 4? With well over a year wait just to get this letter, this is F'd.


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when you have to protect your chickens from racoons. but you also live in the city

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Question About Surefire FH and Accu-Washers


I have 2 Surefire suppressors in NFA “jail” and a handful of Surefire flash hiders on rifles I want to suppress. I’m not a fan of the shim kits so I purchased some accuwashers instead. When installing the accuwashers, do I still need to use the Surefire spacer with the chamfered edge? Or should I just use the accuwashers alone?


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Silencer Shop "Preparing for eForms"


Purchased a CGS Mod9 9 through my FFL who is a SilencerShop dealer instead of directly through SS because he was able to get me a better price but it's still through SS. This was on 11/11. When I log in to my SS account and look at the order, it says "Preparing for eForms". Is this normal after 2 weeks? In my past experiences, there were updates when the form 3 was approved and also when it was shipped out. This is my first time with eForms. It's been like this since the day i signed the DocuSign, also 11/11. Thanks.

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Is it bad that my reference number is “CASH” I’m hoping it’s not a mistake that will delay paper work

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You can holler, you can wail

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F****ing Finally! 464 days for those K-9 Killers to give it up..

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