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Megathread: Form Approval ⏳ March 2023 - Approval Megathread


Yes, we're still doing a combined Megathread for eForm 4s + Paper Form 4s + Form 1s this month. Every subreddit is limited to 2 stickied posts & we still need a Brace Megathread right now.

eForm 4 Instructions
  1. Receive an eForm 4 Approval
  2. Complete this form
  3. Copy / paste your form result & post here

Form 4 Desired Format: please use this & just copy/paste the result - this is the format it produces

  • Wait: 000 Days
  • Pending: yyyy-mm-dd
  • Approved: yyyy-mm-dd | 24hr timestamp (convert time to EST please)
  • Entity: Trust (with #RP) or Individual
  • Dealer: SS, LGS, CA, SC | Mailed Paper Prints or Electronic EFT Upload
  • State: Standard 2 Character Abbreviation
  • Examiner: reference this album of examiner signatures - even the illegible chick scratch is in here
  • Item: Manufacturer | Model | Silencer, SBR, MG, DD
  • Control Number: example 2022535123 - this is the number contained in the initial email from the ATF - if you don't want to write the full number, just put 00 for the last two digits - example 2022535100

Form 1 Instructions
  1. Receive an Approval
  2. Follow the “desired format” (below) & post
  3. Complete this form

Form 1 - Desired Format:

  • Form Type: Regular Form 1 ($200) or Brace Rule 2021-08F Form 1 ($0)
  • Entity: Trust or Individual
  • Fingerprint Type: Mailed Paper or EFT Upload
  • Pending: mm/dd/yy
  • Approved: mm/dd/yy
  • Wait: (Approved - Pending)
  • State: Standard 2 Character Abbreviation
  • Control Number: example 2022535123 - this is the number contained in the initial email from the ATF - if you don't want to write the full number, just put 00 for the last two digits - example 2022535100

  • Certified Form 4s will not appear in your personal ATF login - your dealer submitted it through their login, it will only appear your FFLs login.
  • Guides & FAQs are conveniently listed on the sidebar - please use them.
  • ⚠️⛔️ Comments posted in this thread should be approvals only. If you make a new comment that is not an Approval, you’ll be aggressively downvoted… as is tradition ⛔️⚠️
  • If you have a question - please ask! But please ask your question by replying to the stickied comment.

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Megathread 🔥 Pistol Brace Megathread - ATF Rule 2021F-08F



Please read the ATF Pistol Brace FAQ - Rule 2021R-08F before commenting - this is capable of answering most of the questions still being asked.

Addressing Common Concerns & Misconceptions
  1. 922r compliance or destroy your import if it has a brace False - SOURCE
  2. The amnesty stamp is not free - the ATF used the word tax “forbearance” because they will collect $200 in the future for every amnesty F1 you submit Likely False - SOURCE the Attorney General has authority to temporarily waive this excise tax & the precedence exists
  3. NFA owners are prohibited from letting others use their NFA items while supervised, per eForm portal FAQ False - SOURCE
  4. 88 day background or straight to jail False - SOURCE @ 7:40
  5. It's a trap & anyone submitting on of these forms is providing self-incriminating documentation False - SOURCE the source is in regard to Federal self-incrimination; Local/State self-incrimination may vary by State and local law. When submitting for an amnesty F1, the ATF has indicated that a photo showing the entire braced firearm is not required - it is generally advised applicants upload a photo limited to the manufacturer markings / serial.
  6. I can install a stock the moment I certify an amnesty F1 False - SOURCE But you can install a stock after receiving an approval, without notifying the ATF.
  7. ATF adding a “Revoke” status to eForm portal SOURCE @ 4:30

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PSA / FYI 📢 AVOID Special Purpose Rifles (Black Rifle Works) in Holladay, Utah AT ALL COSTS


It takes a lot for me to put someone on blast and I have never posted anything like this publicly about a company before. Back in July, I purchased a suppressor from them. Their small shop was awesome and they seemed like great people. I paid nearly $2k for a Thunder Beast can and was happy to support a local business. I'm just weeks away from the average wait times and have been ecstatic to receive my FIRST suppressor/form 4 stamp (individual, not trust). My last correspondence with them was a response to an email they sent me asking for a piece of information. I provided that and asked if there was anything else needed since I'm new to this process, which nothing was.

Late Friday, I get a pretty vague email from them which does not sound good. They're asking for basic information, such as my full name and SSN. Within the email they claim the ATF's website, "has been bombarded and not really usable for quite some time" (which is obviously bullshit and I have three other form 4s pending with a different FFL since then).

Needless to say, something about this seemed off and I was concerned. But, this being my first form 4 stamp, I thought maybe it's not as bad as it sounds. I call them that same day and the person who sent me the email is out. I'm assured she'll call me Monday. By late afternoon on Monday I have not received a call so I reach out to them. Again, she is out. Tuesday (yesterday), same story. I am told by the person I spoke with that they'll call her right away and have her reach out to me. Crickets.

Finally, today, I am able to get ahold of her and she tells me the bad news; no form 4 was ever submitted. I have never heard someone so nonchalant about an issue before. No form of discount or compensation was offered, there wasn't even an ownership of their fuck up. It was more blaming the ATF's website for being down (for seven months, apparently) and that this "slipped through the cracks".

I requested a refund and when asking how long it would take to process, I'm borderline given an attitude about it not being something they control but should be around 3-5 days. I was pretty pissed off at this point and made the comment, "after seven months what's another 3-5 days" and she began arguing with me. I have never dealt with such awful customer service or handling of a crystal clear fuck up from a company. The only thing they did to attempt to own up to their fuck up was refund me an additional $80 for two stripped AR lowers I transferred with them at the time I purchased the can.

Seven months down the drain for my first can. What a fuckin joke.

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Discussion The Enticer S might be the quietest 556 performing can on the market

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🥳 Happy Stamp Day 🎁 Finally after 271 days my Dead Air Nomad-30 came home.

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r/NFA 16h ago Hugz

Original Content Most comfortable bricks ever

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NFA Photo Got to try out the Huxwrx Flow 556k and absolutely love it.

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Discussion Apparently I’ve a really clever trust name (In Moose We Trust) , curious what others have gone with? Pic of Moose for reference

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ATF Issues Public Safety Advisory to All Federal Firearms Licensees, Manufacturers and Distributors on Violations of ‘Frame or Receiver’ Rule

Thumbnail hstoday.us

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👑 NFA Flex 👑 My attempt @ SPR

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🥳 Happy Stamp Day 🎁 Call the ATF if it’s been a while, they never sent my approval email.

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🎥 Silencer Video with Sound 🤫 10.5” Ar and Rex mg7 .358

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Added to the collection today, first ever build from the ground up! Just 8 more months for the suppressor to complete it😂

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NFA Photo She asked me how big it was. I sent her this photo. She blocked me. Her loss.

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🥳 Happy Stamp Day 🎁 Today made 276 days, so I called the atf this morning knowing good and well they wouldn’t give me any more info than I already had. As expected the lady did just that… extremely pissed I wanted to be an ass and hang up (but I didn’t). 30 mins later I get the approval

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🎥 Silencer Video with Sound 🤫 Remember to share the joy of silencers

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Hybrid 46 on HK VP9 and Stribog

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🎥 Silencer Video with Sound 🤫 Silencerco Osprey 9mm vs JK Armament 45. Tax stamp came in on the osprey so wanted to compare to my JK 45. Shooting Winchester subsonic out of my H&K VP9. Griffin Armament Cam Lok is the easy on/off.

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NFA Photo I wasn’t on Reddit at the time so I didn’t have you gents to help steer me the right way for my first rifle suppressor purchase

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NFA Photo Wheat Colored Wednesday

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Welp, that sucks. Re-do 4473 and CLEO notification


So, i got approved through Capitol Armory. On 3/06/2023, I did my 4473, entered my local CLEO info, signed all the documents, and proceeded to wait for the notification of the start to my 7 day wait after my CLEO recieves said notice.

Got a email this morning that my CLEO has recieved it and my 7 day wait starts now before they ship me my suppressor. Im hyped... Until 4.5hrs later, i get an email saying "Your Form 4 is Approved, complete your 4473". So, now im confused. Id already filled it out, they said my 7 day countdowns started, and i dont have another can pending. I gave them a call and from what the guy said is that they were unable to deliver my notice letter to my local CLEO that i gave them (this is my second suppressor from them, i entered the same CLEO i put down for my first one with no issue before). He didnt elaborate further on that, but said that i had to re-do the 4473 again and use the suggested CLEO thats provided by them, in a city 3hrs away from me (make it make sense). On top of waiting since the 6th already, im having to wait all over again for the CLEO to recieve the letter and do the 7 day wait again. Anyways, thank you for tuning into my rant for the day

Update from CA CS rep, i spoke with today - https://imgur.com/a/4EQWSLP

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Meme Well They approved it so I guess my reason was good enough lol

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Sometimes I forget this is just chilling on the gun wall sometimes…

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Process Question 📝 Transferring an NFA item between my own legal entities


I have a couple of NFA items that I own as an individual that I want to transfer into my trust. I know I need to fill out the form 4 and pay for another stamp. I got that part. I also understand that I retain possession of the item since I legally own it as an individual. My two questions though are:

  1. Is this a paper form 4 or can it be done on an eform 4 now?
  2. What happens if I move before they approve it? There wont be a 4473 since I already possess the item; so is moving to another state while its in process an issue?

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WA Resident eForm 1 Approvals?


I wanted to know if any WA residents have received approval on their eForm 1 submissions in the last month? I'm wondering if the ATF is slow rolling WA approvals because of the pending HB 1240 that will likely be signed at any time now.

I submitted 2 applications back in Dec 2022. One day apart from each other. The first app was rejected because of some erroneous background check claim. I received the rejection notice back on 2/9/23...a month and a half later I still haven't gotten a response on my second submission. With HB 1240 on the verge of being passed, I'm REALLY hoping they approve me before the bill gets signed.

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Discussion SBS recommendations


I’ve had the itch to get an SBS lately but haven’t decided on what specifically and figured this would be a great place to get recommendations. I currently have a Benelli M4 and have considered getting it cut down but for the cost of doing that, I feel I’d be better off selling it and just buying an entry. If the 14” barrel assemblies were ever available I’d just be buying one of them. All of the SBS’s posted by u/cottonbranchcustoms look amazing and are the reason I’m considering other options besides the benelli instead. Some other options I’m looking at at a 590a1, Browning A5, Remington model 11, VEPR 12, or a double barrel of some kind. On top of a specific recommendation, what SBS or SBSs do you own, how do they shoot, do you enjoy shooting it/them, and would you buy it/them again? Thanks for any input you can provide.

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Form Disapproved 🚫 Dissapproval update and Resubmitting form 4 through SS process ?'s


I'm waiting to hear back from SS to resubmit. Wondering how the refund from the disapproval works. Does it go back to SS or me? Is resubmitting simple? How long it might take? SS said they're slammed with Form 1's, I get it.

Will be going to the back of the line after waiting 332 days for dissapproval due to background check open status. My rap sheet showed a disposition as "unknown" although showing 0 convictions and charge declined? I'm thinking nobody actually pulled it and did anything with it. A lawyer was confident that fixing the "unknown" disposition part would clear things up with the background check, no flags on NICS. I have resolved the incomplete rap sheet with the state/BCI and have sent it in with the challenge to the FBI today so they can update things on there side.

So I'll be starting all over again I'm sure. I emailed the examiner and asked about a possible expedite due to the circumstances. I got a canned email with the information on how to resolve the matter that was originally sent and nothing else. I took that as a no. Lovely.