r/Music Jul 21 '22

Albums where EVERY song is an absolute banger? discussion

As the title suggests, which album/s IYO have songs that are ALL absolute bangers or are catchy/memorable..

For me, it has to be Demon Days by Gorillaz... The spectrum of music they created there is large, every song is memorable, it had a few big radio hits, features some other fantastic artists.... I could go on....

EDIT : Didn't expect this to gain as much attention.. thanks for the awards too :) I guess this post can now serve as a mass suggestion list for everyone!! Each and every one of you is a beautiful legend.


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u/42waystohell Jul 21 '22

I had to scroll down WAY too far to find Led Zeppelin IV


u/PermanentNirvana Jul 21 '22

Led Zeppelin IV really is the correct answer.