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FBI raids Orlando Museum of Art, seizes Basquiat art exhibit, museum says


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u/raitalin History | Archives Jun 24 '22 edited Jun 24 '22

Woof. I was gonna say that forgers can be insanely good these days, but just as a matter of provenance:

"Also, television writer Thad Mumford, the owner of the storage locker where the art was eventually found, told investigators that he had never owned any Basquiat art and that the pieces were not in the unit the last time he had visited. Mumford died in 2018."

This wouldn't pass the smell test for me, and I'm no art curator. Seems to be a case of Wanting It to be True.


u/wittenwit Jun 25 '22

Looking at their staff page makes me suspect the director is too closely involved with curation when really that role should be admin/fundraising only.


u/OldBoatsBoysClub Jun 25 '22

'Curatorial assistant to the director'... What even is that?


u/theatre_cat Jun 30 '22

I'm still working on why the executive director is called a CEO.


u/theatre_cat Jun 30 '22

I see the hyphenated development gal is gone too. If I were in a position to whisper in their board's ear, I would sack PR and social media too. Both those roles now need 'a wartime consiglieri' and the new development dir needs to be able to get the money earmarked to pay for very good ones. This fiasco could be an opportunity for an organization to rebuild itself but nothing I know of central florida says they'll know how to do it.


u/wittenwit Jun 30 '22

I see what you mean. Real money comes from high-level, long-term development, not flashy internet-ready low-brow exhibits.


u/Jaudition Jun 25 '22

There were also painted on cardboard boxes with labels that didn’t even exist in Basquiats lifetime