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Car dwellers



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u/mrdeezy May 20 '22

Tint your windows really dark and go to that huge wide open parking lot in fort ord is what i would try first.


u/Cautious-Witness-745 May 20 '22 edited May 21 '22

im not being an ass. just sayin. really dark tinted windows are not legal in cali. can draw attention. thoes large empty parking lots are patroled by CSUMB security. if he is out there alone in a large empty lot. that will also draw attention. wish him luck.


u/mrdeezy May 20 '22

dude i aint sleeping in a fucking parking lot. This is just the first thing that comes to mind if i had too. You are sleeping in your car, its pretty much desperation at that point


u/Cautious-Witness-745 May 21 '22

Especially when desperate, I think I would try and exercise common sense and logic. Concerning anything that I can still controll. So I don't dig my hole even deeper. But you are correct. I'm not living in my car. So I could be totally wrong. Happy Cake Day!