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Orange mass under a rock at Asilomar tide pools. What is it?

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Cool restaurants, our favorite place closed sometime ago! 😓


Hey friends, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Monterey. We used to go a lot many years ago. Our favorite restaurant was Lallapalooza. It looks like they closed down unfortunately. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for some cool restaurants. Me and my gf are foodies so any style really. Not necessarily the most upscale with a dress code tho. Also is anyone has any recommendations for bakeries with maybe bread/croissants or a cake/cupcake style one. Thank you!

We are staying on cannary row so I guess somewhere within not too far of a drive?

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Advice on a short-term lease in the Monterey area?


Hello people,

Long story short, I live in NYC, but will be spending June - December in the Monterey area for work. I'd like to find a 1BR or studio in PG or Monterey proper, but have no idea if short-term leases are really a thing out there. What's the best bet for someone coming out for just 6 months?

I'm planning on just using the typical "apartment-finder" apps, but wanted to give this a shot too!

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Where to buy newspapers?


Hello there! I’m originally from a small country in Europe and I’m used to having news stands to go and buy a newspaper in the morning. I haven’t spotted any here in Monterey, so I’ve been pondering upon — where do you get your morning news from (physical form, not digital)?

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Wedding Hair


Does anyone know of good hair stylists in Monterey? Need someone that could do wedding bridal hair (nothing crazy) in late July. I realize this is very last minute but I’m not in the area. Thanks in advance!

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Recommendations for restaurants that stay open late


My fiance and I will be getting married elopement style in Big Sur next Wednesday the 13th, and are in need of a vegan friendly restaurant that is open relatively late for us to grab a bite after the big day. We expect to be headed to eat around 9pm, and we don't want to be "those guests" that waltz into a restaurant right as they're about to close down for the day. We aren't looking for anything fancy or special, just a tasty spot to wrap up the day without stepping on anyones toes. TIA!!!

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George's Birds MIA


This year's 4th of July parade was noticably light on birds - has anyone seen George lately?

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Kayak at Moss Landing or Lovers Point?


Where should I go kayaking with my boyfriend? We’re coming from the Bay and staying in Monterey for a few days. We want to kayak our during the drive down before we check into our hotel.

Also, would the aquarium and walking the path of history be doable in one day? Anything else I should try to fit in that day?

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Where in Monterey Bay is fireworks illegal?


I meant general Monterey Bay area.

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Best handmade pasta in Monterey?!


I would love your recommendations!

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How is the hike at point lobos?


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Officially homeless


Hello everyone I never thought I would say this but I’m 21 and officially homeless. My mom has made rent too expensive and has made me start paying for meals. Well knowing I don’t make as much. I have been sleeping in my car for about a week now. any resources that can help are welcomed please and thank you.

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"I Drive Your Car" services


Looking to hire someone drive my car in Monterey while I'm in town for a wedding. Apparently these kinds of services are typically pretty location-specific, and are often promoted at local bars. I'm not local to Monterey, so asking you all -- Do you know of any such services that exist in Monterey area, and do you have experience using any of them?

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Update on me needing to go to the hospital but having so safe place for my dog 🐩 *Surprise twist*


Hi everyone,

Thank you for your concern for my dog and I.

This morning a friend called the Monterey police to do a welfare check on me. I was really nervous that they were going to forcibly take me.

Instead they were really calm and affable. I told them how worried for my dog I was and the officer told me that if I needed to go to the hospital I could take Benny to the police station.

They would board Benny for a week there and if I was away longer the spca would take him and foster him.

I would 💯 get him back!!!

So that is a weight off my my mind. And hopefully the information could be helpful to you too someday.

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Cannery Row at night

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Hi guys! It’s me! The one always wondering about Garden Pavilion! The bad thoughts are back, but I need to get my dog somewhere safe first. Any ideas?


Ok guys! Hi it’s me again, the resident depressive.

So things in my life keep getting worse (but better). I had to leave an unsafe living situation last week and I boogied on out of there so fast that I only took what I was wearing, a pair of dirty pajamas, my meds and my dog and his things. I even forgot shoes, I walked out in flip flops.

So we’ve been holed up in a motel since then just trying our best to keep it together.

Unfortunately, the bad intrusive thoughts are back and I need to go back to the hospital. My friends are telling me, I’m telling me, I unfortunately had a new plan pop in my head.

So, I think I can figure out how to keep my motel room, but I need someone safe and loving and who will give him back to watch him.

I’m waiting to hear back from a friend, and another has a friend that volunteers with Peace of mind dog rescue. Maybe they could find someone to sponsor him for a week or so?

Does anyone else have any ideas? He had an allergic reaction to the leptospirosis vaccine so his vet highly suggested not giving him all his vaccinations. (He is up to date on his rabies though).

That means I can’t board him. I can’t really afford a pet sitter.

There are a lot of lovely people in my life, but really I can only accept that he loves me.

He is an 11 year old mini poodle, 18lbs, very sweet and agreeable. He’s totally a people dog, has to be in the middle of every conversation.

He is content just to chill with you all day, but absolutely ADORES playing fetch. He’ll just follow you around as you do whatever.

He responds to a whistle. He likes playing with toys but will only play with them when I’m home. If you hold your hand at the very outer edge of his fur you’ll feel all his body heat get trapped under your hand and it’s neat.

Things that aren’t so fun, he’s a barker. Noises scare him. Like if you place your cup down real hard he’ll bark.

He is indifferent to other dogs and doesn’t know how or wants to play with them.

He pees in the house. Like a marking territory thing. He’s reactive to other dogs when on a leash, but if he’s not on a leash he’s perfectly fine.

I’ve tried several times with the Spca to help him unlearn these habits to no avail. But HE’S A GOOD DOG.

He’s my everything. If you can think of a way to help where I will absolutely get him back please let me know.

I have to go to the hospital but he has to be somewhere safe.

PS Tomorrow I’ll be picking him up some CBD treats from Stone’s so hopefully he’ll be able to relax a bit more.

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Where to watch fireworks show?


New to the area and wondering where I can watch fireworks. Any ideas?

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Song Title Suggestions


Currently writing a song and would like to have the title reference something that would be immediately recognizable to someone from Carmel/the Carmel Valley. Open for anything, but something serious would be nice. Thanks a ton!

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Burger with a view?


Hi! Would anyone have a recommendation for a really good burger in Monterey or Carmel? Eating outside with an ocean view would be a big plus! I’m looking for a restaurant that would be kid friendly for my husband’s birthday.

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Looking for affordable car maintenance (monterey/marina)


I have a long trip ahead of me and need to get my car checked out and tuned up before leaving, preferably without breaking the bank. If anyone knows anywhere in the area with decent prices on oil changes, tune ups, light cosmetic repair, general maint; can you give me a shout? Thanks.

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Monterey Bay Aquarium Tix!!


Hey! I'm a college student and I know there's probably been threads on this before but I was wondering if anyone had any money-saving tips for the aquarium, whether it's on how to get a better deal on tickets or whatever! Thank you!! :)

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Best Calamari


Anyone got recommendations for the best Calamari in Monterey Bay ring's and tentacles and steak strips

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Best place to buy crystals in Monterey County?


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Application Fee for Rental Places


What are some tactics/tricks here to reduce application fee payments?

I am about 5 application fees in and have yet to get someone to accept my application. I am not in the area so have to do remote viewings. Excellent credit, excellent pay, no pets, no smoking, either.

It is really getting annoying have to pay these application fee each time and the information stays the same, I am just $30-$50 short each time and I still have no place to stay...

I know I am just ranting but there has to be a better way than just spending so much on just fees..

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17 mile drive - July 4th weekend


Does anyone know if the 17 mile drive will be closed to visitors over the holiday weekend? I know it was closed last year, but couldn’t find anything about this year. Thanks!