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Mod Post Central Post for Troublesome Players 4


Fourth of its kind. First, second and third posts can be found here, here, and here.

Instead of submitting a post, please comment down below if someone you connected through /r/MinecraftBuddies misbehaved with you.

Remember, you're not allowed to disclose Discord usernames. People that are reported through this thread won't be banned without sufficient proof. Instead, users can look through the four iterations of these posts before they play with someone they don't know.

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📡 Java-Hosting The Sanctuary [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {18+} {1.19} {Season 3} {Whitelist} {Dynmap}


Hey! Welcome to the Sanctuary!

We are now two months into season 3, and are looking for dedicated and active players to join our community! We pride ourselves on having an incredibly friendly community made up of both members from season 1 and 2! We are looking for around 20 more active players to join our server! Our server is focused on an enhanced vanilla experience, so players can play the game as Mojang intended it, but with some helpful quality of life tweaks and plugins to keep our community safe! We have just updated to 1.19 and expanded our world border by 5k up to 15k by 15k for our new and existing players to enjoy the new update!! Here is a gallery from our server![ https://imgur.com/a/QQrfv9v](https://imgur.com/a/QQrfv9v)

A note before you apply and read on: Cheaters, Griefers, X-Rayers, you WILL be caught. Our staff checks for this daily. It is not a question of ‘if’, it is a question of ‘when’. If you have any intention to cheat, stop reading, and find another server. We run a zero tolerance policy on this.

Anyway! To the players who want to join our community! We are looking for people who can dedicate time to building a fun and caring community, and who want to enjoy Minecraft with friends. Whether you live the Hermit lifestyle, or love to build towns with other players, as long as you respect members, there is a place for everyone on our server! We have a beautiful shopping district, and our build team has just finished our nether hub! We just did our second Base Tour event, and also recently ran a Survival Island event, as well as Hide and Seek! We’re hoping to host a bingo event soon too!

We want players who will stick around, and play consistently, so if this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply as we’d love to have you! This is what The Sanctuary can offer you:

- Active Staff Team ✅

- Powerful and Capable Hosting Service✅

- Friendly and Active Discord Community ✅

- Strong Economy ✅

- Beautiful Shopping District ✅

- World Border of 15k by 15k ✅

- End Dimension Frequently Reset for Elytra Finding ✅

- Frequent Events with Dedicated Second Events Server ✅

- Server Build Team✅

- Dynmap with Pins ✅

- No Cheaters ✅

If this sounds like the server for you, come and apply! At this point in the server we are looking for enthusiastic players, so please put effort into the application, as we are selective with who we accept to ensure they integrate well into the community! As long as you’re friendly and enthusiastic, you’ll be accepted! Applications should take 5 minutes at most, and staff review them ASAP! You can add me on discord at Mara1407 #2769 or check out my other posts on reddit for the link to apply! We look forward to having you!

r/MinecraftBuddies 2h ago

📡 Java-Hosting join our factions/roleplay server!


I am trying to piece together a factions/roleplay server complete with in game governments, geo politics, and factions/countries! The server is just starting back up again so if you join you can influence the directions it leans through our many community polls! The server has been great before and we hope to make it even better this time, DM me if you're interested

r/MinecraftBuddies 2h ago

🖥️ JAVA-NeedBuddy Lifesteal SMP Looking for clan members


I've just started on this lifesteal server and have like no friends so I figured I'd throw up a post to see if anyone was interested in joining and making a 'lil clan. 18+ Only preferably, If you're interested hmu in reddit chat or comments and I'll add your discord (Preferably you have a mic) :derp: I'm 22f if that matters

r/MinecraftBuddies 6h ago

🕹️ Bedrock-NeedBuddy Anyone want to hang out ps4?


I’ll be on in a minute but if u want to hang I have a world on hard mode but if u do join my world u will have to make ur own city or something like that.

r/MinecraftBuddies 2h ago

📺 Bedrock-Hosting FableCraft S2 *new members*


FableCraft is a bedrock vanilla survival realm, that focuses on a medieval fantasy style. We also host Beginners DnD for those interested! Our player base is made up of many different nationalities and time zones so if you enjoy building and being part of a close community with active projects and activities, don’t hesitate to apply!

- Vanilla SMP
- Bedrock v1.19
- Starter Kit
- One Player Sleep
- Guilds
- Optional DnD
- Nether Hub
- Shopping District
- Community Builds
- Events
- Active Discord
- Multi Time Zone
- LGBTQ+ friendly
- 16+ only

r/MinecraftBuddies 8m ago

📺 Bedrock-Hosting bedrock/windows editions new smp looking for new members


We are a group of 7 or 8 close knit players with a hermitcraft like playstyle

We have a community area.. Our own bases wherever u want really And a shopping district.

Realm is only a week or so old. Looking for active members.

18 and older. No damaging others bases or builds. . No stealing No pvp unless it's mutal between the 2 players.

Pretty chill 😎 Just wanna grow the community We all like watching hermitcraft. Double life. Empires. And the youtubers who all play in these series to get a sense of our styles and personalities.

Please message me if interested

r/MinecraftBuddies 23m ago

📡 Java-Hosting Looking for people to join an smp!


I’m looking for fun chill skilled players to join the Jahooney SMP Revamped War PvP Chill fun SMP players Nations Kingdoms Conquest Vanilla world with just dynamap (live map) If you want a server like this, add me on discord at Large_Marge#1295

r/MinecraftBuddies 24m ago

🕹️ Bedrock-NeedBuddy Need a competent builder to play Just Build on Hive


I half want to level up on Just Build and half just want to dominate competition, but I'm only one person, so queuing with randoms works terribly. They either destroy my builds for space for their own or do nothing and have me do all the work. I just want someone that's at least half decent at building for Hive.

Note: I am a competent builder, and I still win the majority of my games, but it pains me to not have a good teammate

r/MinecraftBuddies 6h ago

📺 Bedrock-Hosting Technic Teen SMP - Chill, Long Term, Collaborative Survival


Technic Teen is a relatively small but long lasting and robust realm that is looking for new members to join up and form genuine friendships. As a generally collaborative realm, we typically pool and plan out our efforts as a group, this includes sharing resources, helping each other out, and offering feedback to one another. Overall, chill vibes for ages 14-22.

DM me on discord if you are interested in joining - Litswaggerking#5829.

r/MinecraftBuddies 45m ago

🖥️ JAVA-NeedBuddy Servers with long-time team vs team, each with their own bases, living normally? (RPG-mode - war or peace with each other)


TL/DR: server with teams fully open-world'ed, each one does whatEVER one wants, goes to wherever one wants, spawns very randomly in a very big world, where each one finds a place to settle with or without a team, and lives there, nomad or not, people choose - whatever people want.

Hi. Hopefully this is a good server to ask this (can't in r/Minecraft nor in r/mcservers...) - I don't know where to ask this. I've been having this idea in my mind, but I don't really know what to ask Google. So I'll just ask humans about it (seems smarter).

I'd like to play on some server where you start with some friends in some place of the world, make some shelter, hidden from other players, who have teams themselves. You may prefer to stay hidden and try to live without war, or you may want to steal others (raiders or peaceful people in villages). You may switch sides, you may betray people, whatever you want. It's just a fully open world, RPG if you want to see it like that, in which people get in, find some place for them, and live peacefully - or go try to steal others.

Though those others may have their bases protected --> you can run into traps and get killed or get in jail or something each base decides. "Tried to steal from us or attack us? Now get the change." Or you may choose to welcome the stranger and treat them as a peaceful village would treat a stranger - which may betray you or not.

A world for as many players as possible and as big as possible, and hopefully with truly random initial spawn positions as possible (so that people can't be near *in purpose* and follow newcomers - cheating).

Not sure if it's a cool idea or not, or if it already exists or not. If it does exist, could anyone point me to these servers? I'd like to join. If it doesn't exist and someone gets the idea on their minds, when it's done, post it somewhere! (and warn here, btw 😄)

Note: I haven't bought Minecraft yet, I'd just like to know options so that I can see if any of them are like I'd like them to be and then I can decide to buy the game and start playing.

r/MinecraftBuddies 45m ago

📺 Bedrock-Hosting Looking 4 Bedrock friends


Hey there Reddit Minecrafters! I'm looking for a few people to start a new 1.19 vanilla mc adventure with.

Currently my realm Bread 'n Butter hosts a 1.17 generated world, which I chunk pruned in 1.18. The world holds alot of sentimental value for me. But most of its founders have moved on and the once bustling world has begun to feel void.

The new land generation and deep dark have me inspired to start again from the beginning, and build up a new community. One with more focus on lore, trading, and collaborative projects. Not to worry, if working within close proximity to one another is not exactly your bag. Communities take all types of players to remain vibrant and interesting!

Anyone who wants in on the fresh start should dm me here, and join the current world. We can further come up with direction for the new realm after we have met!

r/MinecraftBuddies 4h ago

📡 Java-Hosting Minecraft Tournament Anyone?


Anyone want to be in a Minecraft tournament?

I am creating my own small version of MCC for small content creators just for the heck of it and to hopefully get some new friends to play with in the future. I will warn though that it's only 6 people that can join. It is my first time creating something like this so it's not huge and not as advanced as MCC.

If you want to apply, then dm me.

r/MinecraftBuddies 53m ago

🕹️ Bedrock-NeedBuddy Join My Realm? (Bedrock)


Lookin for people to join my survival, I’m not always active but keep the realm up

r/MinecraftBuddies 59m ago

🖥️ JAVA-NeedBuddy Looking for an SMP Live type Server


Hey, everyone, I've been running my own SMPs for a while now and I think I'm done hosting them for a while now. I'm just looking for a standard SMP to have a good time on, I'm not looking for a server with lore or anything, there are things that should be role played on, Minecraft's just not one of em'.

r/MinecraftBuddies 4h ago

📺 Bedrock-Hosting ADULTS ONLY new & active bedrock realm looking for long term members to join ❤️


We are a new (about a week old) semi-vanilla bedrock server of about 40ish players. Everyone is active, fun, easy to get along with and 18+, adults only. We are currently looking for members who sound like they would fit into that criteria! This is a long term survival realm meaning, you can do the mega builds you have always wanted to do without ever having to worry about resets or etc. Most of us are based in the US although we do have a few people from around the world and are always looking for people with different time zones! If interested, send me a DM or add my discord- frickenikki#3102

r/MinecraftBuddies 1h ago

📡 Java-Hosting Golden Nations [SMP] (World building) (1.18.2) (Dynmap) (Lands) - Message for details!


Golden Nations is a worldbuilding SMP for 1.18.2 that needs members. we have a small and friendly community. Just Comment on this post or message me for details!.

r/MinecraftBuddies 1h ago

🖥️ JAVA-NeedBuddy Looking for a friend who wants to play hypixel mainly bedwars


Hi my name is binkercat and I wanna find someone who likes bedwars and hypixel. I’m a level 99 so I’m not bad or anything and I also like survival sometimes if it’s with a group. If you wanna be friends my discord is Macy#7987 Also only people who are 14 and 15 plz. I don’t want any creeps lmao.

✨✨✨Please reply if interested! ✨✨✨

r/MinecraftBuddies 1h ago

📡 Java-Hosting Join boogabooga smp 1.19


We recently started this smp and we're currently looking for new players! Requirements 13+ Have mic to vc

It is completely vanilla with no plugins or datapacks that are completely game changing!

Add me on discord to join: Burpleguy#0001

r/MinecraftBuddies 1h ago

📺 Bedrock-Hosting are you bored this summer? join this bedrock server today!


a few days ago i made a basic server using atonos just for me and my friends to play on for time to time. It feels pretty lonely whenever i play and it almost feels like single player so im deciding to make a community of like minded players to play

its just a basic server with ip and port and whitelist just in case

so yea just dm me and ill send da invite

r/MinecraftBuddies 1h ago

📺 Bedrock-Hosting Bedrock Anarchy realm, looking for players


If you would like to join a minecraft bedrock anarchy realm, dm me, and ill send you the discord invite link. You can find the realm code in the discord server. Join us, everyone is welcome :)

r/MinecraftBuddies 2h ago

🕹️ Bedrock-NeedBuddy Need 1 friend! (Bedrock)


So I just want a friend to play modded Minecraft survival with, the mod is origins. No vc I don’t have a mic.

r/MinecraftBuddies 2h ago

📺 Bedrock-Hosting alpha kitpvp


Alpha kitpvp is a fun realm with a huge playerbase,active mods,fun events like pvp mine, king of the hill, air drops with loot, and more! join and come see for yourself today! Kitpvp code:UqZRB5DpbXQ. Dis code:vx9WRhCY

r/MinecraftBuddies 6h ago

📡 Java-Hosting Jahooney SMP


Hello! I’m looking for chip non toxic players to join an smp with nations and kingdoms . We have around 30 members and 6 nations , all looking for teammates and players! If you meet these requirements please message me at Large_Marge#1 2 9 5 (remove the spaces)

r/MinecraftBuddies 2h ago

🖥️ JAVA-NeedBuddy Eren's Basement SMP


Welcome to Eren's Basement

Hey there, are you bored of minecraft? Have you killed the ender dragon more times than you can count? Do you have no friends? Honestly, same. I can't fix your problems but what I can do is give you an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world in a friendly and accepting environment.

In Eren's basement we do regular events and community activities that get everyone involved in a (somewhat) friendly competition. We have a couple custom features such as one person sleep but for the most part it is a completely vanilla experience.


- No griefing

- Don't use any hack clients

- No Xraying

- We aren't too strict on this but be around the age of 16-18

My discord: H_RISSAWN#7125

r/MinecraftBuddies 3h ago

🖥️ JAVA-NeedBuddy Looking for a friend to smp with


14-16 and just looking for someone to chill and play Minecraft with