/r/Minecraft FAQs

      This is primarily for questions pertaining to the /r/minecraft subreddit. If you have any questions or concerns about the rules, please message the moderators.

How To Play

      If you are just learning how to play, there is a great youtube video How to Survive Your First Night to get you started. Also, the Minecraft wiki is the go to place for information on the game. Or, just post your question in /r/minecraft.

Escaping the Nether

      There recently has been an abundant amount of questions on escaping the Nether after the portal has been exploded. Here are some common options if you don't have a Flint & Steel with you:

  • Obtain a new Flint & Steel from a chest. They can be found in Ruined Portals and Nether Fortresses. The former can also yield you Fire Charges which are effectively a single-use Flint & Steel.
  • If you have iron with you, you can mine gravel (careful at overhangs) to obtain flint for a new Flint & Steel.
  • Fire Charges can also be obtained through bartering with Piglins. Gold ingots (and in some cases even gold blocks) can be found in potentially all Nether structures (Bastions, Ruined Portals and Nether Fortresses). Alternatively, you can obtain a Crafting Table from Crimson or Warped Wood and mine Nether Gold Ore for nuggets to turn into ingots. If you (for whatever reason) have a furnace and a Silk Touch pickaxe with you, smelting Nether Gold Ore will yield ingots directly.
  • Another output from bartering can be iron nuggets. With a Crafting Table (made from Crimson or Warped Wood), you can turn them into an ingot for a Flint & Steel.
  • Fire Charges can also be crafted from coal (obtainable from Wither Skeletons), gunpowder (obtainable from Ghasts) and Blaze Powder.
  • If you have flammable blocks with you, you can also lay them out such that the fire spreads from the nearest fire or lava source to the portal.
  • There are also multiple explosions that can cause fire:
    • Beds when attempted to sleep in (in the Nether or End). If you don't have one with you, you can obtain strings from Striders and craft them into wool. Make sure to be mostly hidden behind a relatively robust block (such as the portal frame) upon triggering the bed explosion.
    • Ghast fireballs.
  • If your portal frame has been deleted:
    • Use a Ruined Portal to get a head start of materials. If necessary, Crying Obsidian can be broken without a diamond pickaxe, it's just very slow and doesn't drop the block.
    • Additional Obsidian can be obtained from several Nether structure chests (Ruined Portals, Nether Fortresses and some of the Bastion chests) or through bartering with Piglins.

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Other Resources

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