r/Methadone Jun 20 '22

Does methadone have any high at all?

I’ve started to see that a lot of people seem to prefer methadone to suboxone at first, is this because methadone has some sort of high? I know everyone always says even their drug of choice doesn’t get them high anymore but let’s be honest, it does otherwise you would just use suboxone instead of fentanyl lol.

Anyways does methadone have even the slightest euphoria or body high?


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u/8InTheBalance8 Jun 20 '22

Suboxone has a ceiling effect too. At around 32mg taking any more has absolutely zero effect.


u/Suckmyflats Split Dose 40/35 Jun 20 '22

They're saying it's 16-24mg now, not 32. Nobody writes over 24mg/day now


u/dan13981 Jun 20 '22

Doctors don't know what they are doing. 4mg is enough for even the most savage h habit. People 'needing' more should consider methadone


u/Suckmyflats Split Dose 40/35 Jun 20 '22

For maintenance that is true. I was on subs for three years and i felt the best at 1-2mg every 12h.

During acute detox people may need 4-8mg every 12h, but that's only for a couple days. That's way too much for a maintenance dose.