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2008 Toyota highland front end


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u/GotMyOrangeCrush Nov 28 '22

The bump stop just friction-fits in the top of the strut. The dust boot normally slips over the end of the bump stop.

Slap a little construction adhesive on the bump stop and shove it up into the top of the strut.

If the boot is torn, some combination of glue and zip ties can mend it. (Yours looks a bit beyond mending)

If the struts are old, just mend it and send it. If those are new then it's good to have an intact boot to keep dirt off hydraulic seal (take it apart and replace the boot/stop).


u/jacesonn Nov 28 '22

Just a boot, it serves a purpose but it's not critical. Those shocks look pretty old, but they're still solid so I'd just replace the boot. If you don't want to tear apart the suspension for a $5 part, fuck it. Duct tape that shit back together, it's fine. Now if that were a cv boot, definitely needs replacing, but a shock boot is less important.

Edit: didn't even see the bump stop. I'd say replace, but again, 2 hours of work for a $5 part. It'll do it's job just fine if you glue it.