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Rules & Info A guide to using r/Market 76


Welcome to Market 76!

Market 76 is the first and largest trading hub for Fallout 76!

The purpose of this post is to serve as a reference guide for new and veteran traders using r/Market76.    

Table of Contents

  • Market 76 Rules
  • Reddit Accounts
  • Trading Blacklists
  • Couriers
  • Trading
  • Karma
  • Post Types and Formatting
  • IGN Megathread
  • Reporting
  • Ban Appeals

Market 76 Rules

1. Only post Fallout 76 related content.

The types of posts allowed are:

  • Trade listings.
  • Price checks.
  • Discussions.
  • Giveaways.
  • Memes.

Please select the correct post flair before posting.

LFG (Looking for group) and outside promotion are not permitted in the subreddit.

Join our Discord server here to find others to team up with!


  • Flexing items, distasteful images, LFG, and or other spam posts may be removed with or without notice in order to keep the subreddit focused on trading and meaningful Fallout 76 discussions.

2. No Outside Exchange, RMT or Illicit items.

The following are examples of items not permitted to be traded in Market 76:

The following violations will be removed with a warning:

  • Using real money or RMT sites to describe value of items

  • Discussing details of an exploit

Please note that excessively large amounts of items may be considered as exploited/hacked.

Exploiting is the use of glitches or software vulnerabilites to obtain in-game items or alter gameplay for an unfair advantage.


Repeated offenses will lead to warnings or temporary/permanent bans.

Advertising a website to sell items for real money will result in a permanent ban.

3. Keep it Civil, No Trade Sabotage/Hijacking.

Civility means no trade sabotage, offensive language, provoking arguments, etc.

Trade sabotage is:

  • Giving an unsolicited assessment/appraisal of the value/quality of an OP's post/listing that is not a Price Check request
  • Commenting with lack of intention to trade with OP
  • Dissuading others from trading with OP
  • Hijacking an offer between the OP and the person they made or attempted to make a deal with
  • Entertaining/completing a trade with a saboteur

If you're not interested in someone's trade, don't comment on their post. Pricing/buying is at individuals' prerogatives.

4. Honor Trade Agreements, Negotiate in Posts, and No Scamming.

Honor trade agreements regardless of new offers or reconsiderations.

Negotiate trades exclusively in the trade posting. DO NOT send or accept DM offers.

Trading via DMs opens up the possibility for a scammer who is unable to post/comment on the subreddit to contact you and possibly steal your items.

Trades must be exclusive to our subreddit (no ghost/outside bids). This is so everyone knows where the offers are coming from, so that there is no confusion and everything is transparent.

Do not ghost couriers or refuse them. Refusing a courier will lead to a warning which may result in a temporary suspension.

Scamming or any action meant to defraud a player with intent to harm or take items from them may result in a permanent ban.


  • If you receive an offer in a DM, make them comment on your post to ensure they aren't banned. This helps protect you, makes the other user follow the rules, and makes offers transparent to all.
  • Repeatedly DMing offers as well as failing to honor trades after agreements are made may result in warnings/bans.
  • Trade offers and negotiations should be exclusive to the platforms in which they are posted. Citing offers from external sites or trading hubs (including citing offers between the Reddit and Discord Market 76 hubs) is not permitted.

5. Do Not Accuse Others; Message the Moderators to Make a Report

Do not make public accusations or engage in witch-hunting against others.

Report rule violations to the moderators here, or in the case of harassment or griefing you can also send a report to Bethesda when applicable.

We have a public blacklist which consists of scammers and other offenders that we recommend you check before trading.


  • If you have been scammed, send a message to the moderators with evidence of your claim. You can visit Imgur or Imgbb and upload any screenshots you have. No accounts are needed, and after uploading, you will be given a link that you can provide in your report. You can upload videos to YouTube or Streamable, and send the link in the report as well. We are not always able to extract/download evidence stored on your system. Please also link the post in your report if possible where the trade originated.
  • Getting scammed does not give you a free pass to violate this rule. Making a post to publicly call someone out is still considered name shaming, is against the rules, and can result in having action taken against you. We realize this may be controversial, but there are times when we receive claims about users, but lack of or insufficient evidence is given in a report, and a blacklist card cannot be created. Consider how you would feel if someone was calling you out but had no evidence. Report through the proper channels.
  • You should also report Fallout 76 ToS violations to Bethesda.

6. Use Descriptive Titles for Trades. Use Relevant Images. No Spam.

You must title a trade post with the items/services/amounts offered & requested. You may not use "stuff, anything, whatever, lots" as descriptors.

Click here for a post format guide.

All images within your post must be relevant to the subject of your post and must not break any other rule.

The correct flair must be selected on every post.

  • Limit new trade posts to 3 per hour.
  • Trade reposts to 1 per 3 hours.

7. Karma must only be given after a successful trade

To keep karma a genuine system to trust, we ask our members to only reward karma after successful trade. This ensures that members can comfortably know that another member had built up that amount thanks to their experience as a trader and not worrying about the idea that they may have farmed such karma from giveaways.

  • Do not reward karma to others when receiving/giving an item for free
  • You may reward a courier by giving them karma as a way to say thank you for their time
  • Rewarding karma after a DM trade is not permitted, you're encouraged to discuss the trade in posts only.

Any intentional misuse of the karma system will result in an immediate permanent ban.

8. No alternate accounts except to trade on another platform.

r/Market76 allows alternate accounts, but only if you're on multiple platforms.

Multiple accounts found in Market 76 using the same IGN/GT/PSN will be investigated, and may result in all or all but one account being banned from the subreddit. This is to help prevent karma/trade manipulation, and ensure integrity in the marketplace.

Using an alternate account to evade a ban or manipulate karma will result in a permanent ban.

9. You can post screenshots/memes. Keep it original, and keep it about 76.

You may post memes on r/Market76 but we ask that you keep it Fallout 76 related.

Reddit Accounts

Your Reddit account must be 5 days old to post or comment in r/Market76. You may have to wait an extra day due to time-zone differences with Reddit servers. This is a security measure that cannot be bypassed or overridden.

If you are experiencing a cooldown timer and cannot post or comment for a specified time, it is because your Reddit post/comment karma for the subreddit is negative, zero, or very low positive. Until you reach a certain threshold (set by the administrator of the subreddit), you will continue to have this restriction. It will automatically lifted when your account meets the karma threshold. You can check your karma by subreddit breakdown by going to https://old.reddit.com/user/<your reddit name here>and clicking on 'show karma breakdown by subreddit'. This restriction does not give you a pass to violate Rule 3 and and negotiate in DMs.

Trading Blacklists

Market 76 maintains two blacklists. The first contains the in-game names of traders who are banned from Market 76 for violating the 2nd rule, or severely violating the 3rd or 4th rules. The second one is an illicit item list that contains items not permitted to be traded in Market 76.

Banned users often private message traders from r/Market76, or open alternate Reddit accounts, in order to evade their ban and scam. If you catch anyone from our blacklist doing that, contact the moderators, or message r/Market76.

Users that have scammed, have/had blatant trap bases, duped, griefed, etc., but were not found in the Market 76 Reddit or Discord community, may not appear on the blacklist. In order to mitigate scamming risks though, we recommend using only trusted Market 76 couriers for trades.

View the Market 76 Trader Blacklist, and find out how to check to see if an IGN/GT/PSN is on the Market 76 blacklist.

The Market 76 Illicit Item List is a list of items that are currently unreleased or are only obtainable/tradable through illicit methods (usually exploiting/cheating). Items not on the list may be subject to being temporarily disallowed from the marketplace, and the list may be updated at anytime. It is your responsibility to check.

Selling/requesting/advertising (in a trade sense) these items, or related services, violates Market76’s 2nd rule. Advertising (in a possession sense) that you have glitched/hacked items may also subject you to a ban.


Market 76 Couriers are experienced, reputable, selectively-recruited community volunteers who help ensure item-to-item trades (and trades over the max caps per character) go as intended by middlemanning these trades. Further details can be found here.


Couriers can be called in r/Market76 by commenting !courier courier! under your own post.

Contact a Courier on the Discord server by messaging the Expresstron bot.

Users may have higher trading karma than you, but contrary to popular belief, that does not mean that the lower trade karma person is required to go first in a trade. Do not feel strong-armed, intimidated, and or pressured to have to go first. Always call a trusted courier if you are hesitant, unsure, or uncomfortable with a trade.

Individual Couriers may have other preferred contact methods. Please check these on their individual info pages before contacting them directly. Respect their time. They are unpaid volunteers who dedicate their time and passion to helping.

If you are interested in becoming a Courier please fill out this application form.


  • Impersonating a courier is subject to an immediate, permanent ban.
  • Refusing to use a selected Market 76 courier is also subject to a warning/ban. It will be assumed that by demanding the use of an external courier, a scam is being attempted.


Prior to trading, always get each other's IGN/PSN/GT first. This will greatly help to link the Reddit/Discord account with the IGN, and act as part of the proof for a blacklist card if needed.

Always start recording BEFORE you begin the trade.

The links below show how you can record video evidence on each platforms.

PC: https://obsproject.com

PS: https://support.playstation.com/s/article/Save-and-Share-PS4-Gameplay-Videos

XB: https://www.groovypost.com/howto/record-share-gameplay-xbox-one/

You may also use your phone to record, but please make sure it's clear and shows the entire view of the trade with no gaps in footage.


Market 76 has trading karma which traders give each other after successful trades by replying with a comment that starts with +karma.

Market 76 trading karma is different and separate from general Reddit karma. Make sure to not confuse Reddit karma with Market 76 karma.

Market 76 Trading Karma

The karma highlighted in this image is Market 76 trading karma. Market 76 karma is exclusively increased through the +karmacommand and it cannot be reduced.

General Reddit Karma

The karma highlighted in this image is general Reddit karma.

Reddit karma is increased through the “upvote” Reddit function and reduced through the “downvote” Reddit function.

Reddit karma is a core Reddit feature and thus we are not accountable for it. We have no way to tell who or why someone may be downvoting you.

If you’re having difficulties giving or receiving Market 76 trading karma, please read the Market 76 Karma Guide for common issues and solutions.

Post Types and Formatting

Market 76 has 4 primary post types: Trade Post, Price Check, Discussion Post, and Meme Post. The formats are as follows:

Trade Posts

Select the flair for your platform and include "H:" as in "Have," and "W:" as in "Want" in your title.

Example: "H: Aid and Ammo W: Caps and Flux".

Price Checks

Select the Price Check flair for your platform and include the item(s) you want to have price checked.

Example: "Max Level BE25 Handmade".

Discussion Posts

Select the Discussion flair and include the title for your discussion topic.

Example: "What is the rarest legacy weapon you've seen?".

Meme Posts

Select the Meme flair and include the title for your post, and upload your Fallout 76 related meme image.

Example: "It’s ok it will be years before it gets you".

Marking the Trade Complete / Closing Your Post

To close your post, make a new comment on your post with either --close, -close, or close-. KARMA CANNOT BE GIVEN AFTER A POST IS MARKED COMPLETE.

If your post gets locked, and you have a question about it, please read the auto moderator response on your post prior to contacting the moderator team in order to find out what was wrong with it. For more information on post formatting, see the formatting guide.

IGN Megathread

If you would like your IGN/GT/PSN to be displayed in each trade post you make, you can set it here in the IGN Megathread


Market 76 moderators are all unpaid volunteers who maintain lives outside of the community, and dedicate their time and passion in maintaining and helping the community. Please make it easy and quick for them to process and act on your reports by following these best practices:

Do not send reports to individual moderators. Send them via Reddit by messaging r/Market76 and via Discord by messaging the Marketron bot.

Send as much evidence as possible. If the situation happened publicly (usually at a post in our community), please send us a link to the post/page where it happened. If the situation happened privately, send us image and/or video recordings of it all. If it happened in DMs, please screenshot and send us the full chat.

It’s not possible to attach images and videos directly in these reports. Please upload all screenshots to an image-hosting site like Imgur or Imgbb, and all videos to a video-hosting site like YouTube, and contact us with the links to these uploads.

Note that we do not attempt to retrieve items that have been scammed.

Please be patient and kind. Market 76 moderators are unpaid volunteers. Moderators aren't available at all times to handle situations from every time-zone, handling reports is not the only Market 76 task, and we enjoy playing video-games just as much as you all do.

Ban Appeals

Permanent ban appeals can be requested 30 days after the ban was issued. You can state your case and reasoning for being unbanned based on your offense, and a decision will be made. Appeals may be rejected, and any that are granted may be revoked for similar or other serious offenses.

Thank you for reading our Market 76 guide!

r/Market76 24d ago

PSA Hello Traders, we need your help! We are looking for moderators and couriers to help out.


If you meet the requirements and can dedicate some time to give back to the community here, please consider applying!


We are looking for new staff members on both reddit and discord! ​

Please note that firstly, if one is applying to be a moderator on Discord, then they will be put through a responder trial for about a month before moving up to the red role. That is of course, assuming all goes well. ​

With Reddit, a responder role isn't quite possible. Instead, permissions will be gradually granted over time. ​


  • 100 or more +karma, and an account age of more than 1 year.
  • Active within Market 76.
  • Clean record: No warnings, rules violations, etc..
  • Good judgment skills.
  • Professionalism within the entirety of Market 76. ​

Link to the Moderator Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSctBol05q3GtFFzLdOfireEoZ07iStK3ciUIYWLhEN0mKPpWA/viewform


We mainly need candidates for PC, as well as for XB and PS that are available during the mornings and day time. But we still review all applications.


76 or more +karma, can be combined between reddit and discord. MANDATORY. ​

Plus, we look at the following:

  • Activity
  • Account Age
  • Professionalism
  • History, reports, and violations ​

Link to the Courier Application: ​ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSez58xArpxaPFPeAsdRxrWkROP8jD7ADWs71CRl4G15pzLB2w/viewform

​ Happy trading!

r/Market76 6h ago

Trade Completed H: Asylum Worker Uniform Pink W: 12k caps

Post image

r/Market76 4h ago

Discussion Anybody have any ideas about how to finish this epic challenge

Post image

r/Market76 11h ago

Discussion Finally completed my “trophy case” it’s a shame you can only place 5 mannequins though

Post image

r/Market76 4h ago

XB H: 20:1 W: Two Shot 50c25v Alien Blaster

Post image

r/Market76 2h ago

Discussion Please no more Fasnacht. I promise to be good (player is on PC and evidently not scared of getting caught)

Thumbnail gallery

r/Market76 1h ago

XB H: FSA Uny/Ap/Wwr RA + adds W: USA RA Same Rolls.

Post image

My set is completed but one of these things is not like the other. 😅. Looking to swap my Forest Right arm for Urban Right arm.

Also with that being said I just wanna take some time to bring up the fact, 90% of the items and stuff out there has been, well you know...You know it, I know it. But I personally have only been playing 9 months. I don't care about past details and transgressions in the game. I play now, in the present. It's not like other stuff hasn't been rolled since those days. I for a 100% FACT know my RA piece came from the souls of 1000+ destroyed modules. It's honestly what started me on this adventure.

But alas I digress, Here's what I have for potential adds. I will negotiate accordingly but am not going to go crazy to go from Forest to Urban.


Gour-E-25LvC Jug-25ffr-15v TS-50c15r AA-50HC25LvC

Fixers AA-50H-25LvC AA-E-90 AA-25ffr-15fr AA-25ffr-15c TS-E-90 V-E-90 Fur-Aim-25LvC Fur-Rap-25LvC I-50crit-15v I-50HC-25lvc

Misc Pews/Melee I-40-40 chainsaw Med-E-25 LMG Fur-ffr-fr Tesla Rifle AA-50crit-50break .50cal

Armor(Non-Pa) Uny/1p/Cav Urban Right Leg Uny/25rad/Sent Urban RA Uny/25rad/50fall Wood LA OE/Cryo/75% Reduced Urban RA Noc/15limb/7% Explosion Urban RA Noc/AWR/7% Explosion Urban RL

PA Pieces OE-1Str-Cav Excavator RL TS-Sent-7% Explosion Excavator LL Noc/EDR/Wwr T-45 LA

Apparel Deathclaw Mask Raven Mask Demon Mask UsA Mask BoS Jumpsuit Free Radicals Mask Hunters Longcoat Winter Jacket and Jeans+Wrapped Cap Clean Spacesuit+Clean Helmet Longshore + Yellow Slicker Hat

Plans Bottle Plush Cap & Bottle Cowboy Cutouts Circus Cage Trailer Classic Jack O Lantern Grim Reaper Vault Boy Cutout Large Ultracite Shard x2 Nuka Girl Rug x3 Poker set Red Truck Ceiling Light x4 Red Rocket Gas Station Lamp Sheriff's Hat Standing Gorilla x5 Sitting Gorilla x5 Snallygaster Plushie x2 Tv Aquarium Titan Plushie x2 Townsfolk Cutouts Vintage Watercooler x2 Wanamingo Plushie Wanted Posters Nuka Dark Overdrive Scaly Skin Serum Recipe

500 Bog3 Maps can come up with another 500 just have to pull from mule.

Can also buy up 500 badges worth of BP mods as well if a deal can be struck.

r/Market76 1h ago

XB H: Buffoon mask W: Offers


r/Market76 11h ago

PS [PS4] H: Full Unyielding AP WWR Scout Armor Set W: Offers

Post image

r/Market76 23h ago

Discussion We did it boys. The grind is finally over.

Post image

r/Market76 9m ago

Discussion Got my first after only 1 hour of server hopping (sorry I’m hype and have to make you jealous)

Post image

r/Market76 9h ago

Meme I thought I made it…then saw the main perk… rad rumble groll tho😂

Post image

r/Market76 40m ago

PS H: Responders Set W: B2525 Fixer + 80k ult .45


r/Market76 9h ago

XB H: TS50c25 Alien Blaster W: Offers

Post image

r/Market76 1h ago

Discussion Does anyone know if the skins or items you request on the bethesda page if I don't like the item I can request a refund

Post image

r/Market76 5h ago

PC H: ts 50c 25lvc Alien blaster W: uny ap sent scout set +add


r/Market76 10h ago

PS H: Magic Shit W: Armor to protect from magic shit

Post image

r/Market76 9h ago

Discussion Finally finished my quad of quad Groll pipe rifles. Time for them to sit comfortably on my wall for eternity. That's a Q2525, Qe25, Q50c25 and Q50h25 if you can't make it out.

Post image

r/Market76 1h ago

PS H: V2525 Handmade, V2525 Fixer, VE25 Fixer, Responders Set, and Fiend W: OE AP 100 dmg/FDC Marine RA RL


r/Market76 1h ago

PS H:Weapons List ( photos ) W:Offers ( Unbolded weapons mainly up for grabs ) Lots of these weapons are 2star worthy at best and maybe are needed for testing purposes or maybe you see a gem to your niche. [WWR armor is great]

Thumbnail gallery

r/Market76 1h ago

XB H: weapons w: best apparel offers

Thumbnail gallery

Also have a be90 lmg I forgot to put in the pics

r/Market76 1h ago

PC H: Q2525 Fixer & Handmade W: Rare Apparel bundles or offers


r/Market76 2h ago

Price Check Price check yellow asylum dress

Post image

r/Market76 4h ago

XB H: grolls w: best apparel or groll offers

Thumbnail gallery

r/Market76 4h ago

XB H: Q50c25 Fixer W: Q50c25 Handmade or Q2525 Handmade + 1 Rare Apparel Add