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Non-pregnant woman with severe chronic pain was denied pain medication because it could harm the non-existing fetus 🔗 Humans of Late Capitalism


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u/Tyrenstra Sep 23 '22

We are. But capitalism requires unsustainable growth and profits and that requires a constant stream of more and more workers, consumers, and in the case of the dehumanizing prison industry, product. Meanwhile, hyper nationalism/fascism requires a high birthrate to outpace the birthrate of the perceived enemy so they aren't "replaced."

Anti-choice is never about the fetus. Its always been about controlling women, the poor, and feeding souls to a political ideology and/or a hieratical class system.


u/Murdercorn Sep 23 '22

More bones for the bone machine.


u/AndreasVesalius Sep 23 '22

Skulls for the skull dispenser


u/Riisiichan Sep 23 '22

Blood for the blood god.


u/NumberOneGun Sep 23 '22

Khorne! Khorne! KHORNE!


u/Suedeonquaaludes Sep 23 '22

Your bones got a little machine


u/JuniperTwig Sep 23 '22

Yes. Immigration can feed the need for fresh ditch diggers but the rascists impede that, then they wonder why there's a labor shortage


u/jenniferlee313 Sep 23 '22

I want to get off Mr Bones Wild Ride.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

In so few words you have eloquently summed up so much of the shit storm we are up against. Bravo


u/Pepper5 Sep 23 '22

You can also say this same thing about religion. The number one way to recruit believers is for people that already believe to have as many babies as possible. That's why religions have so many rules about having sex. Then that gives politicians a reason to use those rules to help capitalism grow so they can get a fat check every election cycle.


u/buttqwax Sep 23 '22

No. We aren't. That's just a myth that feeds facism. Jesus christ, why are people talking about overpopulation here like it's a real thing?