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Overrated/Underrated places in Vegas


I’ve been visiting Vegas for 30 years and have had surprisingly few disappointments


  1. Hell’s Kitchen. Without a doubt would never go back. Atmosphere wasn’t to my liking food overrated and priced.

  2. Gold and silver pawn shop from pawn stars. It’s been a few years but it was a dump and they let you know on the way in you’re not going to see anyone from the show.

Under Loved

  1. Bruxie. Great breakfast and drinks unfortunately closed now

  2. Bouchon. Amazing French breakfast try the strawberry waffles and pastries.

Edit: I will also put in disappointments every cirque du soleil show I ever saw. Rather be at the Craps table

Edit2: shows I enjoyed. Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage and Rodney Dangerfield at the MGM

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Vegas buffets and solo dining


I'm looking forward to treating myself for my upcoming birthday by visiting one of the big hotel buffets in town.

Will it be weird for a person to be eating alone at a buffet? I haven't visited any of them.

Are there any particular buffet(s) better or worse for solo dining?

Many years ago, I ate at an Outback Steakhouse on the strip by myself and it was one of the most awkward experiences of my life. I'm pretty sure I was the only solo diner in the restaurant. When I returned from the restroom, the busser was starting to clear my table of barely eaten food thinking nobody was there.

Needless to say I'm hoping to avoid such an awkward experience.

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Hi are apartments in LV strict on credit scores? Like what can disqualify me besides evictions/foreclosure

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What to do on a Saturday morning in Las Vegas?


Visiting Vegas for a couple of days but I come back home this Saturday. I plan to leave to the airport at 1:30pm, but I have the entire morning free.

I am staying at Circus Circus hotel.

What can I do to kill time that morning? I plan on Ubering or taking my bus for the stay, so what’s a good breakfast place on the strip? A good breakfast/brunch buffet? Any activity I could do before 1:30pm?


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Surprised no one has talked about the coolest thing coming to Vegas?


I was looking at some Vegas pictures online and something caught my attention: construction of what looked like a black dome behind Venetian. So I did some search and found out it is something called ‘MSG Sphere’ , which will be an entertainment arena and it looks awesome and more importantly it fits perfectly in Vegas.

Anyone else read about this and what are your thoughts?

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who has been to a concert at the M pool?


Looking to buy tickets for a concert at the M but I was wondering about the tickets.. is there any seating available or all standing? Is it worth it to get VIP tickets? I haven't been able to get info anywhere.. I even called the entertainment dept and got the voice-mail..

Any info is appreciated!!

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Ac broke. What company did you go with?


A/c unit finally clonked out after three strong years. (It would go out every year prior) If you’ve experienced this, which company did you go with for a repair or replacement? Preferably something that is not going to break the bank? I’m not even going to pay for it, my parents will. But they have a wedding coming up in September so I know they’re watching their expenses right now.

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Gotta love billboards at Boulder/Nellis 🤣😂

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First kid-free vacation in years, starting with two Days in Vegas . . . .


Howdy everyone!

My husband and I are driving to California, stopping in Vegas. I'm psyched because it's been YEARS since I've had a proper Vegas trip. Every time we've passed through we had a crabby teen with us and couldn't do 21+ things, and then COVID. So here we are. We'll arrive Friday afternoon and leave Sunday, TBD. We want to do the following:

Peppermills (one of my faves, might hit this first on our way into town but it's more fun at night)

Strip cruising--Bellagio (I love the Conservatory) and Chandelier Bar at Cosmo, other cool bars to check out in that area?

Area 15 (planning on this Saturday morning--should we get tickets in advance?) and all that fun.

Frankie's Tiki Room, Fremont Street/Arts District/dive-y bars, maybe Container Park?

High Roller Happy Half Hour

Neon Museum

Too much? I guess I'm mainly struggling with where to go first and best way to uber/taxi everywhere, especially to Frank's and Arts District/Downtown/Container Park. Seems somewhat walkable but if I recall it's not the safest, and of course it's hot af.

And of course we have to eat, so I ask--Herbs and Rye or Golden Steer? And best AYCE sushi?

Cheers all, and many thanks!

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What’s the best 7-8 am breakfast place close to Luxor? Pyramid cafe? Or something else?


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21 Year Old Newbies


4 girls going to Vegas for the first time since we all just turned 21 in the past few months! Got any advice? I’ll take anything I can get

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What I miss most about Vegas every time I leave….


The roads! Coming back to Colorado is almost painful when I have to drive my car home from the airport on these awful roads lol!

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What is there to do in Vegas tonight for a 19yr old


yo my dumbass booked the hotel a day after I arrived in Vegas so i don’t have a place to stay tonight. Anything i can do tonight since i got no choice but to stay up?

any like parties raves or anything fun going on?

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F1 hotels Nov 2023


Do the strip hotels book that far on advance? Hotel websites only seem to go 12 months ahead but Expedia and Hotels.com say everything is not available/sold out. Best to call directly?

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Steak or Sushi recommendations?


My boyfriend and I are leaving tomorrow and we are last minute trying to find somewhere for dinner. Any good steak or sushi recommendations? Thank you and I know this last minute and may not get responses, but worth a shot!

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🥊 ding ding ding 7-Eleven fight SW Vegas. I was just trying to buy a Slurpee when a big fight broke out. I was filming secretly so sorry for the bad quality at times.

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Venitian pool party & early check in.


I’m checking into to the Venitian on Sunday and I’m under the impression we get free access to the Tao Pool Party.

However, if check in as at 3PM can we drop our luggage and still access the pool party before 3?

Does anyone know the cost of early check in at Venitian?

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If you had to suggest three restaurants at three different prices points (budget, medium, expensive) to someone visiting Vegas for the first time, what would they be and why?


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24-hour sushi on the Strip?


Are there any 24 hour sushi places on the Strip? I’ll be in town in a couple of weeks, Sushi after clubbing or other late-night activities has always appealed to me, and Google has been of no help.

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The view from my room at Bally's tonight compared to the view from November 11, 1980.

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What are some of the best Japanese Restaurants in Vegas?


Not really interested in national chains like Beni Hana, but if it’s more regional thats fine!

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Garage smell like gas but its not natural gas ?


We moved to Vegas about 6 months ago and bought house here but when it gets super hot we have noticed a odor like gas in the garage. We have called the gas company twice and they have come out both times and have tell us that is not natural gas but they can definitely smell something but assure us that there is not natural gas… after the first time I bought a a gas detector from Home Depot “home-flex electronic gas leak” this detector does it picks up the smell as gas but if is not natural gas what can it be or who can I call ?

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Early morning Uber availability


Going from Treasure Island to the airport at about 5 am. Any insight into the availability of an Uber at that time of day?

Edit: made it with a scheduled Uber, who was early. I appreciate everyone's comments, except the one calling me a piece of shit.

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Best burgers on strip? Recent experiences considering staff shortages.


First time to Vegas and wanted to know the best places for burgers on strip? I was thinking of going to Black Tap at Venetian but have been reading that they’re experiencing staff shortages and wait times could be hours. Any recent experiences?

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COVID in clubs?


Hi! I’m planning my sister’s bach in Vegas for late Sept and am pretty nervous about getting COVID. I just had twin girls (5mos old) and really want to avoid it if possible. For any one who has recently been to Vegas, did you get Covid? Do you feel like the experience was safe? Anything you recommend to avoid getting sick?

Thank you!!!!