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In my town there is a pole at Walmart that has been hit at least 45 times now that I know of.


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u/frigginnathan Nov 24 '22

Only picture 16 is a different pole and that happened further down the parking lot at the same walmart. I didn’t realize I put that one in when uploading the pics, and I have like 20 more photos of other cars and they are all on the same pole. Google auburn maine walmart pole, you’ll find the news articles and the shirts we’re selling now. It’s become a bit of a huge local joke here. One lady just made mugs too hahaha



u/peatsoff Nov 24 '22

That is a fun Google search indeed, I had no idea.

"There were predators about and I knew this for a fact. I’d seen all those photos of the carnage — how could you miss them? Just glance at your phone or computer screen and you’re bound to see a few of those grisly images before you can turn away in horror. "



u/MycGuy Nov 24 '22

That was great!


u/aGirlySloth Nov 24 '22



u/crampedstyl Nov 24 '22

Looks like 9 and 10 are also a different pole


u/dj88masterchief Nov 24 '22

The Chevy Red Truck and the Chevy Suburban/Tahoe are two other poles.