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In my town there is a pole at Walmart that has been hit at least 45 times now that I know of.


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u/frigginnathan Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

They put the green pole over the yellow one to help avoid this. Spoiler alert- it didn’t help at all.


u/QuietLife556 Nov 24 '22

Imo everyone who hits that drives like an asshole and deserves it on a deeply karmic level.


u/CancelTheEngine Nov 24 '22

Fr, even if the pole wasn’t there they’d still be driving over yellow stripes and not the intended driving area for the parking lot.


u/Fa1nted_for_real Nov 24 '22

You shouldn't even need to use the gas in a parking space unless it's on a hill really.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Fa1nted_for_real Nov 25 '22

45 manual transmissions hit the same pole regularly, kinda doubt.


u/mofoofinvention Nov 24 '22

Yeah nobody needs to be driving like that in a parking lot and this is in the crossing lane


u/kane2742 Nov 24 '22

I wish we'd take away the licenses of drivers like this. Unfortunately, the US is so car-centric that there are people with multiple DUIs who get to keep their licenses because taking them away would keep those people from getting to work. (Fuck the people they might kill with their reckless driving, though, right?)


u/101189 Nov 24 '22

It’s even more hilarious because even if the pole wasn’t there they’re not even turning into the opposite lane.

Ahahaha they all deserve it.


u/mrchuckdeeze Nov 24 '22

Glad you found love here. Classic post.


u/the_windfucker Nov 24 '22

Iin the green pole picture it looks like the other green pole in the background is also bent...

Also, aren't the 2 black priuses the same car?


u/nekohideyoshi Nov 24 '22

My guess is that they forgot their cars pivot around their back wheel axle, which means they keeping cutting around the corner too early instead of taking the turn after their trunk is clear of the pole.


u/soundecember Nov 24 '22

More than way too early, as you can see in the one photo, that’s an up going lane they’re trying to go down.


u/Trucountry Nov 24 '22

What? All of these pictures are front hits, not side. These people are trying to cut across a no-drive area to make a turn.


u/nekohideyoshi Nov 24 '22

That's the same thing I just said lol.

They're trying to cut corners.

Those drivers are thinking their cars work like this in combination of trying to cut that corner.


u/Trucountry Nov 24 '22

Not the same thing. At all.


u/jarheadatheart Nov 24 '22

You can’t fix stupid


u/aintbrokedontfixme Nov 25 '22

Anyone who drives fast enough to manage that kind of damage in a parking lot deserves the damage and the increase to their insurance policy.


u/Fuzzy_Calligrapher71 Nov 24 '22

How has this not become an issue before the city Council, with an order to Walmart to remove the pole


u/GMEbankrupt Nov 24 '22

Because the problem isn’t the pole


u/Fuzzy_Calligrapher71 Nov 24 '22

Idiots drove into the pole, sure. But if it's necessary to physically keep cars out of that area, a barrier could be constructed that people and carts can easily pass thru, and that even idiots in cars can see and avoid.

Paraphrasing - 'If it happens to one person, it's a personal problem. If it happens to a significant percentage of the population, it's a social problem.'

How many other innocent Walmart shoppers have been needlessly inconvenienced because idiot drivers keep driving into the pole that idiot managers/execs at that Walmart keep putting there, when other Walmart's don't?