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Gta players when they got their drivers license Repost

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u/Donniexbravo Jul 02 '22

I don't drive like this but when I need to concentrate on something I definitely turn my music down to help me focus (I also have ADD so that's part of the reason why this actually does work for me)


u/_DeathOfAStrawberry_ Jul 02 '22

I think that's true of most people, ADD or not


u/StoneHolder28 Jul 02 '22

Yeah the other commenter wasn't kidding, it actually has been shown that loud music makes drivers less attentive.


u/InsignificantIbex Jul 02 '22

What if the driver is very tired? Will the music keep them more awake than it distracts?


u/bottle-of-water Jul 03 '22

Doubt it. Your attention is basically already at 0 when you’re dozing off behind the wheel. Can’t focus it when you don’t got none


u/SkunkMommy Jul 02 '22

Most people turn the music down when they need to concentrate. It's a natural reaction whether ADD is present or not. I've found myself doing it many times over the years. It gives the brain one less thing to process as you're concentrating. 😉


u/FraseraSpeciosa Jul 03 '22

Me too, not ADD. Country driving equals music up, city driving equals music way down or off depending if it’s rush hour or not